Friday, April 16, 2010

A Very Big Night

Im so excited to be sharing this news but most importantly Im thrilled for David and Catherine!! As I have mentioned before one of my besties is married to David Nail {for those of you who listen to country music you may know him....if you dont like country...well he sings it} Anyways for you country fans out there {like me ;) } this Sunday at the ACM Awards David has been nominated for single of the year for Red Light!!! YAY!! This is his first nomination and I could not be more excited for him!!

{notice the PW on his guitar......GO read more}

David has a huge heart....and VOICE might I add! He totally deserves this nomination and all the thrill that comes with it!!

His new single is out "Turning Home" great song....great video. David took the video back to his hometown of Kennett MO which is where he calls home. Yall check it out!!

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!!

Fill In The Blank Friday

Happy Friday!! I dont know about yall but Im super excited that the weekend has greeted us! If yall wanna join Fill In the Blank Friday then go HERE and link up.....never hurts to let your blogging friends now more about you.

1) The first thing I do in the morning is hit the snooze button. Yes, I do this for about 30 minutes {Im not a morning person} I then get up use the bathroom and take Lola outside.

2) Every night before bed I wash my face....set my alarm and turn on my Tv until I cant keep my eyes open any longer.

3) My favorite thing to do when Im having a bad is well it really depends on the day and how bad. Lets see...somedays I may want to come home...crawl in the bed with my doggies and turn on my favorite movie. Sometimes I just want to paint or do something crafty. Other times I may want to go shopping with friends.....I guess it just depends on my mood but I usually do one of these.

4) Something that makes me cringe would be snakes and mice. Yikes....just the thought makes my toes curls. yuck yuck yuck!!!

5) Social Situations make me happy!! I love interacting with people!!

6) I like to collect cookbooks!! I also have a huge collection of pictures.....I love pictures!!!! I also have a huge collection of crosses.

7) Weekends are for doing whatever it is I want!! Sometimes I want to do nothing and flat out relax.....other times I want to work on projects or just get out and about.

Hope yall have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

One of my favorite bloggers joined in on PINK AND GREEN Thursday which can be found HERE. Thanks SSM for introducing me to this new blog. Yall hop on over and join in....especially if ya like pink and green.
I wasnt sure if I would blog today or not but hey....why not add a little pink and green to brighten up my blog. There are no rules so just have fun with it!!

For some reason I have been craving cupcakes ALL week long. Im proud to say that I have not given in to this temptation but I sure would love one....maybe a mini one like below.

I would also be tickled PINK if I received some of these

I have honestly never been a huge ROSE person. I dont know why...I like them and think they smell good but I guess it just seems so cliche that roses are the flower you receive so daisies or tulips....or anything different speaks volumes in my opinion. However, I just recently was introduced by a girl friend to green roses....I had no clue these existed but I LOVE them and think they are BEAUTIFUL. I believe they may be hard to find as well but they are out there!!

I would love to have a wall of plates just like this....ribbon and all.

Lastly how stinkin cute is this girlie and shabby chic like! I know not everyone likes this style but I adore it. I realize this kitchen is not "man friendly" but for a single girl it could definitely be pulled off.

Hope yall enjoyed!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Word--Procrastinatioin

Notice the big word in the title that starts with a "P"? Yep thats me....Im a Procrastinator!!! Well not all the time but often--Im not even going to lie. I dont know why I choose to wait until the last minute on things but I tend to do this often. I even find myself having crazy dreams that have to do with this one I have had several times---Its my wedding day and I dont have a dress, my hair is not fixed and zero makeup....Im walking down the aisle in jeans and a Tshirt. Aahhhhh....lets hope I would not wait until the last minute with such an important day. When I was in School I use to have dreams that I forgot to study for a huge test or complete a big project.....CLEARLY I worry myself with my procrastinating ways so I should just stop and get things done when I know about them or in the very beginning.

So, the reason for this topic today is..............Have yall filed your taxes?!?!?!!? Did you know today is the last day...they are due tomorrow?!?!!??!?!!? Guess who did hers at lunch? ME!!!!!! Yep, I waited until the last minute but thank goodness I got them filed. I cant believe I waited this late. I even remember thinking to myself that I needed to get it done. My moms accountant {who is her good friend} even called me a few weeks ago and said to just Fax my info and she would take care of it for me. hahah. Why did I wait? I honestly have no clue other than the fact that I have been reminded once again that I am a PROCRASTINATOR!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking Time

Yesterday during my lunch hour I decided to run to our local craft store to pick up some items for my paintings. I had some coupons so of course I had to use them. :) They sure know how to get you to spend money!!!
Anyways on my way--I was sitting at a red light waiting to turn and noticed something that completely warmed my heart and put my mind in motion. Let me back up a bit and fill yall in....the area of town I work in is pretty much surrounded by businesses and working people...the lunch hour is CRAZY around town. Everyday I see about 2 or 3 different men who appear to be homeless...standing on the corner with a sign asking for money. I know this is a sensitive subject with many people.....people get angry and shout out "bums"....many drive right by them but they are out there everyday. I DO NOT know the truth about these men....I dont know if they are homeless or just jobless.....I dont know if they are Chrisitans or not....I dont know if they have families.......drug dealers......theives.....alcoholics.....etc.....I do know that these men are Gods children though and we are to love them just as God does. I am very guilty of driving by these men daily.....I will not lie there! I have been known to give to pan handlers before--I figure they answer for it one day Im just taking care of a brother or judge me the way you wish. I just pray that the money is not used for drugs or beer.

Okay so back to what I saw yesterday. I have seen a man around a few times.....standing on the corner asking for money....this man literally has a concaved skull. I mean its pretty known that if you are  missing half your brain then you are sure to have some mental problems....right?!?! I dont know Im not a Dr but whatever this mans situation is he begs for money often. So, yesterday as Im sitting at the red light I notice this man sitting on the curb {of a Starbucks and busy busy intersection} eating a McDonalds meal and a drink. Sitting beside this man is a lady in a black dress {which clearly appeared to be a lady that works in the area}. Now I do not know exactly what happened or even what she was doing sitting there but I will tell you what my mind started thinking. It appeared that this lady had bought this man lunch and instead of handing it to him and going on with her work day she TOOK A FEW MINUTES and sat with him. He was not alone....Im sure he is not use to a lady in work clothes....carrying her designer bag to sit down and have lunch with him. This may sound silly to you or you may be thinking "how did this warm your heart" but it just reminded me of the little things in life. Im so blessed to be able to buy food, go to work, have my mental health, live in a house......"By the grace of God there go I". I started to question often do I stop in my busy day and give someone less fotunate my time or even share the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. I know Im a girl and I have to be smart with the way I do things and who I approach but what if a GROUP invited this man on the corner into the nearest restraunt { dont have to put a stranger in your car} and fed him....share with him LOVE.

Romans 12:13 — “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

I started thinking--the place I live is not MY house but GODS house....its not MY money but GODS money...not MY food but GODS food. Yes I work hard for this stuff but God blesses me with it all!

Proverbs 19:17 — “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.”

I do realize that if you give to the poor bc you know its what God wants but its not what you want then it means very little if anything to God. He wants us to give from the love in our heart...not by what we let others see and know we are giving. Give generously but from your heart.....pray about where you can give and how. It may not be MONEY you give to someone--I didnt see the lady on the corner giving this man money...I saw her giving him her TIME!!! She was giving him a friend....a kind voice. I found myself praying at that moment--how amazing would it be if she was sharing Gods love with him....telling him he has a father that will provide as long as he allowed him awsome is that!!

I know I find myself staying in my "comfort zone" but I also know that I rarely meet a stranger. I pray that I could start to use my outgoing personality and words to reach out to the less fortunate and I realized all this by a lady who took a few minutes to sit on the curb with this man I see often.

James 2:14-17 — “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

Monday, April 12, 2010

Doggie Days

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Two of my besties were in town this weekend so of course it made for a GREAT one.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL here....except late yesterday afternoon I noticed the pollen had started to set in and my allergies are not excited. Oh well!!! Saturday we decided to take the dogs to the park and let them play. We have a huge park where we live and so we loaded up and headed to the park--Me, Catherine and Stephanie took all of our babies....Ellie, Lola, Molly, Bebe, and Charlie. We had a great time but the dogs had an even better time. They ran and ran and ran. Of course Ellie played ball the entire time. My dog is obsessed with any ball....its all she can think about.

Ellie is so fast too....she would take off before I even threw the ball and trust me my throws never made it that far....she would have to turn around and come back for the ball. haha.

Good thing Aaron was golfing....Im sure he would be all over me about my pitches (Its the baseball player in him)

We even had some dogs swimming in the ponds

Sweet Molly girl loves the water!!!

Charlie girl decided to try out the water as well...Charlie is a goldendoodle {I want one some day for sure} she is still a puppy even though she looks big so this was her very first swim.....

Her mama was not thrilled that she decided to take a dip. Only bc they live in Nashville and were visiting her parents....and now she had to think about bathing her and cleaning her up. Oh well what can you do?!?! Catherine just laughed.

It was definitely a fun day and we had some exhausted dogs. Lola and Bebe were along for the fun but they both weigh about 4lbs so they were all over the place and rarely sit still so catching a picture of those silly girl is about near impossible.

There is Lola....she was running with Charlie. Lola may be small but she has a big personality....she is not even scared of big dogs--I mean if I were her and Charlie was running after me like that I would be high tailing it somewhere else. ha!! She loves being out there with all of the doggies.

So that was my Saturday! Saturday night we cooked out and called it an early night so we could all get up for church Sunday. After church we had lunch outside on her town square {It was lovely}. We stayed outside all day Sunday too. I helped one of my besties with some of her photo shoots. After a long day Sunday we ended the night with Mexican for dinner!! 10 of us loaded into our favorite mexican place and enjoyed dinner and many laughs!!

Hope Everyones weekend was wonderful and I hope you all have a great week!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Best Giveaway EVER!!

This is by far the BEST giveaway experience I have ever seen on blogspot....or whatever you use to blog. Ladies, if you do not follow Mckmama's blog....aka Stellan's mom for some you please head that way. What are you waiting on.....go....go..... :)

Jennifer or Mckmama if you wish is holding a giveaway right now that will be up at Midnight tonight. You have the chance to win an IPAD. NO I'm not lying to yall {I would never do something like that} Jennifer purchased the new IPad with her very own $499.00 and she is not even keeping this for herself....nope....she is giving one of us lucky bloggers a chance to win this. So, here is what you have to do to be apart of this giveaway....Go HERE to Mckmamas blog {Go ahead and read what all she has to say} you will see several opportunities to click on a COMPASSION LINK....all you have to do is place a donation which I might add is a WONDERFUL opportunity to give. The minimum donation is $5.00 but you are free to donate what you wish. Every 5.00 donation will give you one you donate $10.00 you get 2 donate $1,000.00 you will get 1,000 entries. Compassion and Jennifer will pick one lucky winner tonight at midnight. Be sure to let Mckmama know you donated {dont tell her what you gave but that you did} she will be donating $1.00 for every single person who does.

Let me tell yall...I just read on her page that Compassion has already received $20,000 from people reading Mckmama's blog! HOW AMAZING!!!!!! If you are not familiar with Compassion Ministries please visit the website. Its truly amazing what all we can do to help others in need...especially young innocent children. If nothing more we can PRAY!!!

God Bless you all!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BlueGenes Photography

Hey Ladies! Im so excited to announce that one of my bestest friends has found one of her passions in life! Photography!! I love a good photo....they capture so much! Im one of those girls that ALWAYS has my camera. I love capturing the little moments that you carry with you as time goes on. Anyways. Becka started a blog and I wanted to introduce yall to her. So head HERE to check out her work! She is seriously one of wittiest....most name it people I know. Yall will certainly love her blog....she is just getting started so bare with her as she learns all the ropes of blogging.

About Becka {In her own words}

"For as long as I can remember, I had a creative side to me. Growing up I was into Art (the art you put onto a surface...canvas, paper, etc.) Working with my hands was always something I enjoyed when it came to art. I believe God is a wonderful artist. He places landscapes, people, animals, weather, and combines them to come up with something artist see as "beautiful". My definition of beauty probably differs from some...I see things differently and creatively. I am also a romantic so I love seeing people in love...holding hands, smiling at one another, kissing foreheads. Ah I could go on :) Hope you enjoy my photography and style. As for me, I am a Southern girl who has finally found her passion :) "

{copied from BlueGenes Photography blog}