Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im sure many of you are familiar with Angie, Audrey's mom. Well if you are not familiar with this wonderful woman head over to her blog Bring the Rain because she has a lot to share with you and the wonderful way Jesus Christ is working in her life. Angie along with other bloggers are in India right this moment with a group called COMPASSION. Now if you follow Angie on a regular basis then you know her posts are the best....she will have you crying with her and laughing with her. Well now she has me ADOPTING with her! :)
For the last few days I have enjoyed reading about her experience in India and all the precious children she has met. Angie is a sponsor to two children through compassion and as I read her story and the experience she is having, I felt like my heart was aching to be able and do the same. So....No im not in India nor am I going anytime soon but....I did adopt a child and I will be his or her sponsor. I cant wait to introduce my child to you. I do not know any details at this moment because I felt led to wait and see who God places in my life. You can choose your child but I checked that I wanted a child that had been waiting the longest for a sponsor.

I will not be bringing this child home where I can love/protect him/her. I will be sponsoring this child though and with this comes love and protection. As a sponsor my child will receive Bible teachings about God's Love, nutritional suppliments, clean water, medical checkups, and I even get the chance to write to my child, send pictures, send encouragement. I truely feel blessed to be able and be apart of this wonderful ministry.

If you are interested you can find more info here or better yet head over to Angie's blog where you can hear and see for yourself the work being done by sponsors like you and I.

Stay updated....I am excited to share my child with you soon!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The 8 Game

I am playing the 8 game that I saw on
Lets see what all I can come up with.....

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
Brooks Graier being of my dear friends baby boy
Destin Fl this summer
My wedding (no Im not engaged. hahha)
Being a Mother (no im not preggers)
seeing Becka and Steph being baptised on May 3rd
Double Decker this weekend
5:00 today....I will be off work and I hope the weather is still beautiful!!

8 Things I did yesterday
Bible Study
Sang at the top of my lungs
ate Newks for dinner with Stephanie
Worked oh wait I already said that...
went tanning

8 Things I wish I could do
Crawl back into bed
be at the beach
be at the lake....goodness Im just ready for the summer
Go get a pedicure
spend more time with my nephews
get through peoples heads to better understand what they are thinking. (not really but sometimes)
tell my sister how much she meant and impacted my life.

8 shows I love
The Hills
American Idol
Dancing with the stars
The Bachelor
Real Houswives of the OC
Split Ends
All of the Home decorating shows
Extreme Home Editions (cry everytime)

Now I tag whoever wants to play! I told you a bit about myself so now its your turn!!!! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Back

Well I have officially become a horrible blogger. Please forgive me. I HAVE been able to keep up with everyones posts but as for me posting myself, I have not kept up. So I will try to explain but im really tired so I plan on keeping tonight short. Why have I been slacking? Well first off I have had internet issues and blogging on an iphone is just not fun. Have you ever tried typing on one....lets just say my fingers are bigger than the buttons. Texting is okay but typing an entire post would cause me to toss the phone. I have also been so busy with different events. Lets see one girlfriend just got married, two are engaged and one is expecting. Yes, all in one year. Speaking of my friend expecting, Jamie is having a baby boy...Brooks Graier........

Doesnt Jamie look great! I hope I look this adorable when im half way through my pregnancy.

I gave one of my girlfriends a Lingerie shower that turned out great. Catherine will be getting married June 6th in Nashville. Im so ready for our fun filled weekend! Here are a few pics from the shower.

Cake and Cookies

Tonight I had Bible Study and I got home late but I promise to work on updating my blog!! Night Night!!