Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

Finally Friday. Yay! So does everyone have there costumes ready for tomorrow? Im not dressing up but my doggies will be for sure. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing what Celebrities choose to dress as. They go all out and I LOVE their costume ideas usually. Not all but most!! I think it is so silly when girls feel the need to use Halloween to dress scandalous. Let's see we have the "sexy"...."skimpy" bee, ladybug, devil, angel, nurse, you name it...for some reason Halloween is the time to turn it all "sexy". If you have seen one you have seen them all. No offense to ANYONE who chooses to be one of these. {just a personal opinion} I tend to enjoy the more creative costumes.

Today at work we had our annual Halloween Hogaramma. It was so much fun....Ill be sure to upload pics tonight...we had some great costumes! Different departments in the company put on skits with their costumes. We had Michael Jackson with the dead ppl from the Thriller video, we had Wizard of Oz, Ghost busters, Paula Deen, girls from the Titanic and several others.

Ill leave yall with some Celebrity costumes. The Today Show already has their pics on the Web. I always enjoy waiting to see what they choose to do.

One of my other Fav's would be Regis and Kelly. This duo never lets me down. I do not have pics to show of this year but I do know Kelly did Lady Gaga and Melissa Rycroft. haha! Here are some of the duo from the past though.

Pam & Kid Rock....the next picture....David Beckham and Posh. haha. I think these two are so good at making their costume character come to life. Love it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!!
Lets see where do I begin.....Gosh I have so much to say {surprise..surprise}
Last night I joined some of the girls from my connect group & experienced something so awakening!! I live on the out skirts of Memphis, Tn....about 30-40 mins from Downtown Memphis. Im sure most of you are familiar with Memphis whether its because of Elvis, Memphis basketball, or the CRIME we are known for. Im not sure the statistics but I do know that our crime rate is very high. I consider myself to have lived a pretty sheltered life. The town I live in is not known for crime & is pretty much considered a very "tight" small town. People complain about the police but I have grown to realize that because of them & their desire to keep our town safe.....crime is something I have not feared in my home or town. {yes, Im aware it happens anywhere}

So, with that bit of background.....last night us girls headed downtown to the Memphis Union Mission. In summary this is a place where the homeless {men} come to eat and sleep. I do not know all the rules & regulations but I do know that this is a place where the homeless can go to eat, sleep, shower, & be counseled. I had a few people tell me their thoughts & how unsafe this could be but I followed my heart and what God wanted from me. I can honestly say that I was hesitant but felt like this was something I needed to do. The past few weeks I have had several conversations arise at work about the homeless and panhandling. So, I felt like this was an opportunity God placed me with & I was ready to get out there and do my part!! When I walked into the Union Mission and realized I would be sitting hip to hip....elbow to elbow with a homeless man, it really hit me. It hit me that we are all ONE....ONE in Jesus Christ. We are all CHILDREN OF GOD! I am one bad decision away from sleeping on the streets. When I walked in and took my seat, the song AMAZING GRACE was playing. It took me a minute to adjust because I sat and watched the men I pass some days on the corner...hands high....belting out "My chains are gone I have been set free........My Lord has promised good to me.....unending love amazing grace", I was completely moved. The entire night was great! Bob's testimony was shared and it was so awesome to see men respond. Of course there were several that slept the entire time & they were probably waiting on pins & needles for us to hurry so they could rest their heads. BUT you never know when the one asleep will lift his head....remove the blind.....take off the earmuffs, & open his heart to what it is God is saying. These men are not there by CHANCE....they are there for a reason. I was there for a reason. I cannot express with words how much my sheltered little heart was touched last night. These men that I usually would find myself "avoiding" were smiling at me, waving and just simply saying hi! I do realize that some have mental illnesses and some are convicts but I also realize that God loves them and expects us to do the same. We cant save the world but we sure can start somewhere. This may have been my first Union Mission experience but I promise it will not be my last.

Thank yall for allowing me to share my experience. If by chance you live in the Memphis area, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Union Mission & even take the opportunity to worship with these men. Since I am a girl, I am very excited to learn that there are specific shelters for woman & children. This is somewhere that I would like to get more involved with. I could have more one on one involvement with the ladies.

So with all this being said, I laid my head down last night and THANKED God for my blessings!

Matthew 25:37 (New International Version)

37"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh what we become

Tonight I was going through my pictures located on my computer. I have thousands. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a crazy picture taker.....I ALWAYS have my camera on hand. Lately I realized that if my computer crashes {please no!!} that I do not have any backup for my memories. So tonight I have been going through some of my albums & scanned docs. Of course we always share our "best" most recent pics of ourselves & friends but what about the old ones. So I thought I would share a few. Oh and dont you worry there will be more to come. What was my mama thinking?!?!? BANGS....crimped hair....silly shirts {yes thats right...I have a brother} ratty hair....gapped teeth....huge bows that matched my outfit perfectly....and oh only if you could hear the "country" accent to go with it. haha! My mama said I was adorable....hey atleast someone thought so. :) Anyways here are two pics from my early years. These are not the bad ones. But Ill be sure to share them eventually!!

One years old This was my kindergarten picture {check out the bangs}

Okay like I said these are not the worst ones but I must say it has been fun going back and looking at my younger years. I sometimes wonder if my children will favor me....what features? what characteristics?


Like the title?!?!? BLAH...that is exactly how I feel. ha! It has been raining here all day & I have been ready to go home since I got to work this morning. ha! Guess what...that time is here...I get to leave in about 20 mins. WooHoo!

I cant wait to get home & change into something comfortable & warm. Then I want to crawl in my cozy bed. Aaahh....that is what makes a rainey day a good day!

When it rains, I want to stay in bed all day and watch movies. Good thing I do not live in a city where all it does is rain...I would be in trouble! Better yet Im sure I would be depressed. Yikes!! Anyways my plan is to crawl in bed...or on the couch {next best} and turn on...............WAIT..........WAIT...........YOU KNOW THIS..........YEP YOU GUESSED RIGHT......

Im so excited! I cry everytime I watch this show but I still love it. Its so hard to have a favorite person on the show when they all deserve the opportunity for individual reasons. With that said, Tracy is on my nerves though. I try each week to allow her back in but the lady just pushes my buttons. Maybe its the laugh where she sounds a bit "evil" {Im not saying she is} or her constant complaining about "her deserving to be there as much as everyone else"---yes, we get it....EVERYONE deserves to be there but each week someone has to go home!!! Im afraid she may be a sore sport when its all said and done but maybe she will prove me wrong. :)

And if I am lucky I will watch the Hills afterwards. {go ahead laugh}. Ill admit this season is silly and its not the same without Lauren but I still cant help but watch it. Now you may be wondering why I said "If Im lucky", its not that I would be "lucky" to watch it but I would be "lucky" enough to stay AWAKE to see it. haha. Sad I know. I guess after laying still for an hour or so I tend to fall asleep. I cant watch movies at night if the room is dark and Im laying down--out I go. Ill fall asleep during the previews. haha! But if you poke me to see if im awake....Ill give you a little white lie...yes! ;)

Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Happy Sunday to all!
I have a few "shout outs"!

Okay for my first one-- Angie @ Short Southern Momma! Hey Angie!!! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for always leaving the sweetest comments. You not only ALWAYS comment, you have the sweetest things to say! So fellow bloggers...head over & check her out & while you are there show her some love!! Thanks again Angie and Im so excited to have started following you! Since we are both Tennessee girls we will surely meet one day!!

I also want to introduce ya'll to Kassey @ Not Your Typical, Average, Ordinary College Girl! Hey Kassey!! Thanks for introducing yourself to my blog & Im so excited about following yours as well. To everyone reading, Please head over to this blog. She is an amazing God loving, weight losing, inspirational, beautiful girl!!! You will not be disappointed with her blog!

For everyone else.......THANK YALL so much for following my blog & leaving such sweet comments. Im sure Ill be leaving you a "shout out" soon. Im going to try my best to leave "SHOUT OUT" every Sunday. This is so that I can introduce NEW blogs that I have stumbled across & show my love to all my followers!

Have a GREAT night!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

Happy Friday!!!
Okay im going to let you all in on a slight obsession that I have grabbed a hold of! In the past I could not wait for Friday {for several reasons} but one being MAGAZINE DAY!!! HAHAH....Friday is when all the new magazine's hit the stands. I could very easily spend anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 every Friday on magazines---ones that say the same thing over & over! I know right? Okay so....I have since realized that this is absolutely absurd. I am about 6 months clean from "buying magazines in bulk" haha...I will buy one or two here or there but I mainly read them online now! ONLINE reading is GREAT and saves me tons of money. :) So now that I have shared this with yall let me tell you what I am excited to read about this week!!

First off--BREAKING NEWS-- for all my Big Brother fans out there....its OFFICIAL
Jeff & Jordan are a couple! YAY! You have to head over to and read the story. So adorable. Congrats to the cute couple.

I have been waiting PATIENTLY to see Nicole Richie & Joel Madden's new family addition-- guess what?

I think little Harlow is adorable...she is one of my favorite celebrity babies. So, I could not wait to see baby Sparrow & this week he made his debut!! I always wrestled with who I thought Harlow looked like...I now have an answer...Harlow looks like her mommy & Sparrow looks like his daddy!!

This has nothing to do with anything I read this week but since we are talking adorable babies, my other favorite is Halle Berry's little princess. Seriously, this girl will be a model one day....absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

She is so cute!! I just want to stick a huge bow in her hair! haha. Just think a huge bow or flower in her hair would just be so cute. One day if God blesses me with a girl, oh bless her....she will have the biggest bows I can find. haha. One of my best friends Jamie prayed that she would have a boy when she found out she was preggers bc she said that she knew if it was a girl, that I would be buying BOWS BOWS & more BOWS. So now I have a little nephew with no bows. ;)

I hope everyone is having a great day so far! Finally Friday!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Thursday

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone's Thursday is swell! Mine is not too bad. The weather here is yucky of course. RAIN RAIN RAIN. But im not complaining.....we are one day closer to this weekend! Im not sure where my brain has been this week but this morning I really worried myself. As I was "attempting" to get ready for work, I was discussing my day with my mom. {NOTE THE WORD "ATTEMPTING", IM NOT A MORNING PERSON} Anyways I was so dead set that I had bible study tonight but it was quickly brought to my attention that today is Thursday.....meaning yesterday was Wednesday! Ooops! I missed bible study & did not even have a good excuse other than "where in the world was I"?!?!? I got off work, took my time driving home, changed clothes, headed to the gym, got a workout in, came home & crawled in bed by 8:30!! What??? Maybe I was tired but one thing that I do know is-- my brain was on vacation. hah!

Oh well so yes, I have it right is Thursday!! Looks like I have a story for NOT ME MONDAY!!
I know I mentioned the other day about my 100th post giveaway! I have not forgotten {suprisingly} I will post it soon!! Im almost finished...yes, I used my crafty/creative side & painted something! It gave me an excuse to pull my paints out.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

I "wish" I could go on vacation tomorrow & I would want to go to


I will go to Atlantis one day. ;) I LOVE anyplace tropical. Im not a big fan of cold weather. I have tried snow skiing and its just not for me. Take me somewhere with water and sun....Ill be a happy girl.

Im gonna cheat bc I have another vacation spot that I would love to visit.


I can just picture myself floating in this beautiful water! aahh!! Pure bliss!
Now dont get me wrong...Im very easy to please Florida will do but sometime in the future I would LOVE to visit one of these.

If you would like to play along or view other wishful vacay blogs head on over to The Seattle Smith's blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Weather,

Would you please decide what you want to do??? All of this back & forth is taking a toll on my immune system. aaahhh. Please....I'm begging you pick a temperature and stick with least for a while.

I don't know about everyone else but I'm pretty tired of the weather here in my little corner of Tennessee. About three weeks ago I left work with fever and rushed to the doctor to only be told I had a minor cold. {fever--hello?!?!} anyways here I am three weeks later & well my cold is back for a visit. {NO fever this go round}.
I just feel like poo! Yesterday it was chilly out but for some reason my office was like a microwave. Im not sure what the case was but we had to open the windows in the office { on the 17th floor} & placed my small fan in the window just for some air flow! {homemade window unit}. Candice & I got tickled bc by the time we finally got the window open--we heard sirens and we looked out the window to see emergency vehicles pulling in. We were joking that someone called 911 bc someone was getting ready to jump out the window on the 17th floor. { All honesty....we just needed some air}. Anyways my point is.....Im thinking maybe all the cold/hot air in one day has my allergies in an uproar or just maybe my cold is back. If its a cold, it is welcome to leave anytime...Im fine without it. :)

Okay enough of my complaining!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! Thankgoodness my office is cooler today.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Monday! Here we are....a new week! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Seems like we have skipped Fall & moved right into winter. {its freezing here}

This past weekend was a fun one! Saturday night several of my girlfriends and their families loaded up and went to Zoo Boo. For those of you not familiar with the Memphis Zoo.....its something they do every year around Halloween. Its great for kids but I must say I had just as much fun watching all the little ones in having fun in their costumes. We had a Pig, Elmo & a giraffe with us. They were all so adorable.
Some of you may notice a few familiar faces!! The Perfect Pair, Go East Memphis Mama, & My Beautiful Life - Im proud to call these lovely bloggy ladies some of my DEAREST FRIENDS!!

I wish I took pictures of all the little ones and the cute costumes but for some reason I did not! For those of you that do not know.......Giraffes are my ALL TIME favorite animal so baby Brooks SUPRISED his aunt Leigh Leigh with the cutest costume. When I got to Jamies he had on normal clothes and was covered with a blanket...eating a bottle. Jamie said "hey aunt Leigh Leigh, Brooks has a suprise" she then uncovered his feet and there were two adorable giraffe feet. hahah!!! I loved it. So of course I scooped him up, ran upstairs and finished dressing my little giraffe.

He was mad at first bc he thought I just wanted to play dress up but once I explained that we were going to the zoo, he was ready to go!!

Brooks was so good! I think he slept most of the time...atleast until the very end! Oh & on the way home he sprinkled me with a bit of love! Yes, I was changing his diaper and out shot tee tee. The diaper was covering him but it shot out of the diaper. {good gracious} may I add this is the second time he has done this to me and I believe I was the first one he hit with pee as well! hahah! Ill remind him of this one day! I wish I pics of the little pig and elmo that we joined but I didnt get pictures. :( You can sneak over to the blogs litsted above---Im sure their mama's will post some pics!
Love to all!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guess what?!?!?

Are you still guessing? Well okay Ill help you out!!! This is my 100th post YAY! Now I did not realize this until this moment but I promise here in the next few days I will have a giveaway set up for all my lovely blog friends. Im not sure what this will be but I have a few things in mind. ;) Be sure to check back in & sign up!

So, Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Im so ready for this weekend! It has been a crazy week at work but Im not complaining. I have just been a busy bee. With a promotion comes more work thats for sure! Not to mention the weather here has been yucky! Wet & cold. My dear friend Candice is one of the silliest girls I know. Not only is she one of my greatest friends, she is also my co-worker. {we go back from when I was in highschool}. I must say that she makes my days at work fun! Candice, like me loves the needless to say we are so excited that weather has changed and fall is in the air. The only problem is.....She is moving a little faster than me. You may ask how? She is NONSTOP listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC. HAHA. Yes you read this correctly. The other day we were going to lunch & as soon as her car starts--Christmas jams were blaring! Oh I love her!! So now I have been wondering around singing Christmas songs. Im sure ppl think Im crazy but oh well. On another note...I cannot wait to show yall our office Halloween Pics. The company I work for goes ALL OUT. Im sure I will be able to share some GREAT laughs with you all!

I realize that I have not shared my past weekend experience either. I have so much to say that I need to sit down with all my thoughts so that I dont ramble & my story is clear. I tend to "jump all around" and there is so much to say that I would surely lose you if I do not take my time. I have stayed a bit later at work this week but I promise as soon as I get out of my "home away from home"

AKA-My work desk

Ill stop & share my Living Proof Live Experience!!

Oh! How could I forget. EXCITING NEWS! One of my besties and her hubby were in this past weeks PEOPLE magazine.

Congrats! David & Catherine Nail

She was a BEAUTIFUL bride and so was her Southern wedding!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wed.....Talent

Happy Wednesday! I decided to join in and play The Seattle Smith's Wishful Wednesday.

'I wish".....I had one particular talent, and it would be to SING {with a good voice} ;)

I love music!! I'm always singing too but im afraid that it may not be good. haha! My problem is....since I love singing, I sing loud & all the time. I know some people wish that I would just shut up but if my favorite song comes on you will find me belting out a tune. {let's be real...even if it's not my favorite I'll be singing at the top of my lungs}

So I am not a "talented" singer but it sure would be nice if I was!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Y Hey everyone! I have been MIA for the last few days....I have been a bit under the weather. But Im back and feeling much better. YAY!!

Its cold & rainy so I went to Tarjay on my lunch break and purchased a movie!

You can guess my plans after work. I really need to go hit the gym but hey let's be real....a movie and a blanket sounds so much better. Oh Ill have to be sure pause it for The Biggest Loser...Cant miss that!

Have a GREAT evening!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. Its been a busy one here but I have had a great one so no complaints! Friday night and half of Saturday, I attended the Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference with my mom and a group of woman from church. WOW...I had an AWESOME time!! I have read books by her but never heard her speak. I Love how she is like any other woman...I felt like she was talking WITH us and not so much TO us {if that makes since} She is so funny on top of that....she had me rolling laughing. I have a question though....she said woman from TENNESSEE have "Big hair" we? I thought Mississippi had bigger hair! haha. I mean don't get me wrong....I LOVE full hair, I don't dry my hair without my root lifter or a round brush...but I mean I wouldn't call my hair big....its just not flat on my head!?!?!?

Okay these are pics of a few of my closest friends.....BIG HAIR? NOPE!!! haha...& I can promise you we are true southern Tennessee gals! I'm not sure who told Beth we had big hair but I didn't see many big haired woman. hah! Ill be sure to share what I learned from the will be a post all in it's self.

Saturday I had a lingerie shower to attend for one of my friends getting married in November...we had fun. After that my mom and I went and had some Mexican food for dinner. YUM YUM...I love Mexican food. Chicken taco and a side of beans........Oh with a cheese dip please! ;)

We planned on going to see Couples Retreat but we both were plain worn out so we called it a night {we had been awake since 5 am} Maybe this afternoon we will make to the movies. I think it will be a good one.

I have the HARDEST time sitting in movie theatres. I find them very uncomfortable....I would much rather have a blanket & pillow curled up on the couch to enjoy movies. So if you have seen this and it was not good........PLEASE let me know. I cant stand paying $8.00 for a bummer of a movie in an uncomfortable theatre. ha!
Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Its cold here. brrr

Friday, October 9, 2009

2 Post in one day...its a GIVEAWAY..

I wanted to inform my followers of a GIVEAWAY being hosted by The Seattle Smith's.

Head over and check out her blog for some fun reading. Also be sure and check out the giveaway for a chance to win a gift from Tanner Glass.

Living Proof Live

Im so happy it's finally Friday. YAY! Im really happy bc it's Friday and this evening and tomorrow morning, I will be attending Living Proof Life. Beth Moore will be in Memphis this weekend and I am so excited!!

I have never seen or heard Beth live but I have read several books that she has written. If you never have, I do recommend her writings. :) Im sure Ill have so much to say after this weekend about this event so stay tuned.

Look at my sweet Lola Belle....I just had to show her off. Last night when I was crawling in bed I heard a faint sound....when I looked off the bed, this is what I saw. Im afraid she thought I forgot about her. NEVER...I cant go to sleep without my cuddler! She is a sweet sweet girl.

Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Friday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things about me.....using one word

Okay I was not sure what to blog about today so instead I am going to tell you a little about me using ONE word. For me this could be hard bc I talk ALOT and I am very discriptive. haha. So bare with me & I hope I can stick with just one word. I got this from a fun/cute blog by a girl named Ashley. Go check out her blog and play along!

1. where is your cell phone? Table

2. your hair? blonde

3. your mother? Loving

4. your father? Calm

5. your favorite food? Mexican

6. your dream last night? Forgot

7. your favorite drink? Tea

8. your dream/goal? Family

9. what room are you in? Office

10. your hobby? Painting

11. your fear? Tornado

12. where do you want to be in 6 years? Mom

13. where were you last night? Home

14. something that you aren’t? Tan

15. muffins? Blueberry

16. wish list item? Cricut

17. where did you grow up? South

18. last thing you did? Text

19. what are you wearing? Juicy

20. your tv? Samsung

21. your pets? Adorable

22. friends? Awsome

23. your life? Blessed

24. your mood? Happy

25. missing someone? Always

26. vehicle? Maxima

27. something you’re not wearing? Shorts

28. your favorite store? Target

29. your favorite color? Several

30. when was the last time you laughed? Today

31. last time you cried? Tuesday

32. your best friend? Several

33. one place that you go to over and over? Target

34. one person who emails me regularly? Candice

35. favorite place to eat? La Perla

I DID IT YAY! Okay so now Im gonna copy Ashley and tag anyone who wants to play along. Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Heart Music

Happy Hump Day! We have made it half way through the week. Yippee! So today is What's in there Wednesday-Ipod edition. If you have never played along just head over to Angie's blog for directions.

Okay, so I'm will be breaking the rules a bit for this one. Sorry...I do not have my Ipod with me today so Ill change my post up a bit. this is what my Ipod looks like........

My Ipod is LOADED with tunes...random ones at that. I have around 2,000 songs downloaded...yes I love music. I mainly use my Ipod when working out so I really need to update my songs.

Okay here is where I break the rules! Since I cant give you songs out of my Ipod {& if I did, I would seriously have to randomly pick..there are too many} I will introduce you to what I have been listening to the most lately!

1. First I listen to my local country station or KLove pretty much ALL the time! I'm a Southern girl so I love country music! But I love KLOVE as well.

2. I have the new David Crowder CD in my CD player right now. I think I have it on repeat bc I listen to it over & over. Great CD!! Love David Crowder.

3. I also love my David Nail CD....this is another one I listen to on repeat. I don't just listen bc it's one of my besties hubby...this is a great CD.

So there you have it. This is what I have been jamming out to in the car & at work. If you are looking for new songs or CD's I highly recommend my choices.