Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Stellan

I am asking EVERYONE who reads this to please head on over to . Please pray for baby Stellan. He has taken a turn for the worst. I believe in Prayer. I believe God has a plan too. I pray that baby Stellan is healed and I also pray that not only he but his family has peace during this time. I believe Mckmama...Stellan's mom can feel the power of the prayers being cried out for her baby.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing please PRAY for Stellan and his family. Hit your knees if possible....bow your heads and Cry out!!!!

We are praying Stellan!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rascall Flatts and Jessica Simpson

This post is a bit late but.....not too late!

Last week Aaron and I went to the Rascall Flatts concert with our good Friends Carrie and Chris. Thanks to them we got the hook up. Chris is good friends with the band manager so this is the second year we have been able to have great seats and even had the chance to go backstage. THANKS CHRIS AND CARRIE!!!! We had a great time. Jessica....well she was Jessica. I'm sorry for those that don't like her but I do. Yep...she makes funny faces, she forgets her songs, her outfit was not flattering, her hair was hot mess and I still like her. ha! I guess I just remember "Jessica and Nick" you know the Newlywed days. I must say to clear the air....the girl is not fat! Nope she actually looked great. I was working out with my personal trainer last night and he asked me what my goals were...I said Jessica Simpson's legs. hahah!

Anyways we had a great time the Concert was fun...of course Rascall Flatts rocked the show. BUT...I have to share the funniest part of the concert with yall!!!
Chris oh Chris! Chris seriously may be the funniest person I have ever met. So now you are thinking what sheltered life are you living. Seriously though Chris has no shame. So this is how it started. Chris starts dancing right in front of the stage...and lets just say his dance moves are HIL-AR-IOUS!!! Gary the lead singer saw him dancing and pulls Chris up on stage. This is all happening during the Encore so basically Chris took the show out. The band went off stage and the curtain came down....Chris was still dancing. He had the crowd taking pictures and going crazy. this may have been one of the funniest moments I have ever witnessed in person.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Sister's story

Today is the four year anniversary of my sister's death. I miss my sissy so so much but I know she is in a better place and is healthy. As surprising as this may sound, It actually feels good to share Robin's what a better place to "blog friends"!

My sister Robin was diagnosed with brain cancer in her early twenties. That is so crazy to think she was my age when she was diagnosed. She had surgery to remove the tumor. The doctors were not exactly sure what kind of tumor she had but they felt that it was not benign. My sister had this surgery and went on living her life as a mother and wife. My sister gave us three beautiful little boys. Landon, Chase, and Wesley....I love these boys so much. A few years after her first surgery, my sister started having complications again which put back in the hospital. Her worst nightmare had occurred.....the mass was back! Now my sister was a stay at home mom...and a great one she was. Robin was born to be a mother. Her husband owned his own construction you can only imagine the insurance issues they were about to face being that he was self employed. After the doctors looked closely at Robins brain mass, they had come to the conclusion that her cancer was inoperable and there was nothing that they could do. So they sat my sister and brother in-law down to only tell them that Robin would be sent home with hospice care and the she had six months to live. My sister had an amazing relationship with God. She would not give up. Now...Robin lived in Nashville...three hours away from my hometown. My mother's best friends husband was head of Methodist Hospital at the time. I will never forget the day he called to tell us that there was a doctor who was ranked one of the top five brain surgeons in American and he happened to live in my hometown and was waiting on my sister!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! Robin made her trip to Semmes Murphey hospital where Dr. Sills told her....he would not allow a 27 year old mother of three to be sent home to die. We knew at this moment that we had met an angel. Dr. Sills took care of my sister and performed surgery (basically free of cost) that gave my sister several more beautiful years of life. Dr. Sills treated my sister like any other patient but he was not getting paid for any of the work or time he spent with her case. Dr. Sills discussed Robin's rare brain cancer with the board of surgeons to even get other opinions. He truly cared about my sisters life. I remember my sister being so Strong and a conversation I had with her one night. I remember telling her that its okay to cry and be scared (these were two things I never saw) Robin responded that she was ready to die BUT she would live for her boys. It was so important that my nephews knew the lord. My sister truly lived for him...everything she did was for him. She drove a van and the back window always had a bible verse written in shoe polish for all to see. Her bathroom wall had laminated bible verses placed all over the wall. You could sit on the toilet and have plenty of reading material! :)
After my sister passed away, I was reading her journal and one part that I stumbled through gave me chills. My two oldest nephews had been baptised but not my youngest. In this journal entry my sister wrote how Wesley, my youngest nephew had come to her explaining that he wanted to be baptised. He told my sister that he wanted the Lord in his heart. My sister told him he would have to go talk with brother Brady. In this entry she wrote that she watched Wesley take his best friends hand and walk into brother Brady's office to discuss accepting our Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Robin wrote "then and there I give it all to you God....I'm yours take work here is done". All her babies knew the Lord and she was prepared to move ahead with whatever he had in store for her.

So here is what happened. My sister NEVER complained about her health. She never complained about the headaches, swelling, steroids, medicines, diabetes (the steroids caused) nausea, chemo and everything else she encountered along the way. My sister was talking with a dear friend from church a few days before March 8, 2006. Her friend told her that she did not sound well and she asked her how she was. Robin made a comment that she believed she was ready to GO HOME. Her dear friend told her she was thinking about her and she needed to rest and stop wearing herself out. March 7th was my middle nephews birthday party. After the party Robin and her family came home and went to bed. Robin woke up around 1am not feeling well and got sick in the bathroom. My brother in-law checked on her and she said she was going to take a shower. Now this did not shock him bc Robin had trouble sleeping so it was not unlike her to iron or clean house at 1 am. Her husband went back to bed. Robin took a shower, put on her make up and fixed her hair. Landon, my oldest nephew woke to see what she was doing.....that is how we knew she got ready after her shower. Landon said she held him and hugged him. She told him how much she loved him and he is a wonderful son. Landon got back in bed and went to sleep. Robin then managed to get back in bed but she was sitting at the end of the bed. Her husband woke to see her sitting at the end where she was thinking or praying. He fixed her pillows and told her to get some rest. My sister then layed down to go to sleep and I believe during this time she KNEW she would not wake up. Robin had a seizure between 3-7am. When her husband woke she was unconscious. 911 was called and so was our family. After 2 days of life support Robin was pronounced dead. She was brain dead. I will never forget how beautiful she looked and how peaceful. My sister KNEW that she was going HOME! She was ready...she told her friend and it would be just like my sister to get all ready to go. We knew at this moment everything would be okay. Robin no longer hurt nor was she sick. I miss her so much but I have beautiful memories of her and I know I will see her again one day.

Thanks for letting me share this story. Sorry this is no readers digest version. Like I said earlier....sometimes it feels so good to share her story and remeber the amazing woman she was.

Hug your loved ones and always tell them how much you love never know it could be the last.

Say your prayers and sleep tight!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Thanks to SWEET TEA DIARIES I got an award! Thanks girl!!

Here are the award rules:
List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love!Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won!You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboardletting the whole world are KREATIV!

Seven things I love:

I love God and Jesus Christ

I love my MAMA....yes Im a mamas girl

I love my BESTIES and my BOYFRIEND--yes thats two

I cant go a day with a Sweet Tea

I love Mexican Food

I love my doggies....Ellie and Lola

I love my Chi straightening iron--im not sure what I ever did before I owned one

I love my feather mattress and all my pillows (my bed is so comfy)

I love Lancome Mascara

I love getting pedicures

I love doing anything "crafty"

Okay...I know that was more than 7 but I just love so many things! I could go on and on! Maybe Ill get tagged again some other time and I will mention new ones!

TAG your it:




Merry Berry

Happy Girls are the Prettiest

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Found a Giveaway

I found a great giveaway tonight. According to Ashley has put together a great surprise giveaway. Go check her blog out...its fun and the girl loves martini's. Hurry over while you can and put your name in her drawing for you chance to win!! Good Luck!

Jason oh Jason

So it has been brought to my attention that I have yet to say a word about the Bachelor episode Monday night. That is right....I have kept my mouth shut. Whats the old saying...if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Well my friends I have got over the initial shock so I am ready to speak! :)

Last season of the Bachelorette with DeAnna...I knew from the second I saw Jason I would be cheering him on. I even like Jeremy but there was something about Jason. I was so disappointed when DeAnna let him get on one knee and spill his heart to only be rejected. I was then ecstatic when I found out he was the next Bachelor. I saw this kind and genuine father in search of love. On the very first episode of the Bachelor with Jason, I knew right away Melissa would make it to the end. I really like Melissa and wanted her to win but I even thought to myself....Hey I would be okay if Jillian won in the end. I was in shock when Jason sent Jillian home over Molly. MOLLY....I don't know! Anyways for those who care...I'm sure you saw what happened. I was so excited to see Melissa in the end. What Jason did to her at the After the Rose taping was wrong. I DON'T CARE if they felt like America needed to see the "closure" of their relationship. My girl Melissa :) held her head high and kept herself together. (you go girl) You know she was so right when she said you did not FIGHT for us! No relationship is easy or perfect. I am sure once you go back to the normal day-to-day routine without all the Hollywood glitz and glam, the relationship will feel different. You are removing yourself from that "fairy tale" picture and placed into reality. If Jason truly fell in love with Melissa and without a doubt..even at that moment...wanted to spend forever with her then I believe he should have worked a bit harder. Now I do believe you can't help who you fall in love with. So if Jason truly loves Molly more than Melissa, I can accept that. What he did to Melissa on National TV was WRONG!!!! There is a time and a place and the couch with Chris Harrison was not the time or place. In one hour he dumps his fiance and is making out with his ex girlfriend! Enough said about his character!!! My friends...I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but these are my thoughts! :)