Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The thing called LOVE

One of my besties sent me an email this morning of a post she found on a blog....I just so happen to follow this blog as well and definitely wanted to be sure and share with everyone else. Juliana is amazing with words and if you do not read her blog-- "A blonde walks into a blog" then you are missing out. What are you waiting on!?!? Click Here to read her post on Love! I could not have said it better.....or needed to read it at a better time!

Dresses and Bows

I am so HAPPY to say that one of my bestest friends found out today that she is 100% having a baby GIRL!

Congrats Heather and Nick! I cant wait for little Miss Haven to join us. Oh the fun we will have. I have 3 nephews and several little ones that I consider nephews so I am definitely beside myself to have a GIRL join the bunch. Dresses, bows, curls, pearls, nail polish oh this little one will be spoiled and I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This morning on my way to the office I was listening to KLove.....Lisa and Eric got my mind going in many directions this morning. TOPIC OF DISCUSSION-- what is/was the best thing or advice you have for roadtrips with children? Most of the people that called in mentioned DVD players or Nintendo DS. Dont get me wrong.....these are great and especially since they keep kiddos entertained for several hours. However I started thinking back on what my brother and I did as kids when going on road trips--lets face it we didnt have Tv's in the car or handheld nintendo's. Now let me just say that I do not travel well. As a child I always got carsick so the best thing I could do was take dramamine and go to sleep. BUT when I was awake we would play little alphabet game. We would start with A and find something that starts with A....then we would do B.......we would eventually do the entire alphabet. Or we would play some licsence plate game--we would try to see how many different states we could find. We had tons of random games we would play. I remember the first time we ever did a roadtrip with a Tv in the car {yall ready for this} it was my Tv from my bedroom. hahah! This tv was small and HEAVY but you could plug it into a cigarette lighter. We would plug it up and literally have to bolt it down...we would put our movies and watch for hours. {these were video tapes...not DVD's} Anyways its so fun to think back on how much times have changed and how kids today would think we were crazy for the way we did things growing up!

Remember your first cellphone? I do!! I had a Nokia {im not sure the model} this phone was probably one of the most reliable cell phones I have ever purchased...I do not remember ever having problems with that phone. Remember the Zack Morris phone--my mom had one. haha! {ring ring...PLEASE PICK UP YOUR BRICK} this phone was huge...its bigger than my house phone.

I also remember we had a "car phone" in a suburban we had. Get it "car" phone...not cell phone....this did not leave the car.

Now we have phones that fit right into the palm of our hands and they do as much as our home computers. Crazy?!?! Dont get me wrong....I LOVE my Iphone and would possibly be lost without it {yes Id survive but it does soooo much}

We can go roadtrips now and never even look at a map for directions. Why most people have a little voice in their car that tells them when and where to turn. {I know not everyone but most vehicles these day come with navigation}

I must say this morning's drive had me laughing and smiling inside....I love memories of my childhood. It gets me thinking about how much will change by the time my children are here and taking roadtrips. Fun memories!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday

Hello Monday! Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? Lets see....I would have to say this past weekend was pretty relaxing. Aaron and I ate leftovers on Friday and did not do a thing. We both had a busy week and I think by Friday we were plum exhausted.

Saturday night my moms boyfriends daughter {did you get all that...ha} was in her hometown pageant and WON!!! Yay Cayce! We are so proud of you and I know you will represent Olive Branch to the fullest! Cayce is one of those that is beautiful on the inside just as much as the outside. Well deserved girl. I think as soon as they announced she won I jumped up out of my seat screaming.......hahah....Im just so proud of her! Aaron was even a trooper and joined us all to support Cayce. I think he really enjoyed it even if he would never admit it. ;) I have to say he never complained though.

Yesterday I did some more painting and Im proud to say I have now completed 5 canvases....I know I know....I keep saying I will share the pictures. I need to take some and I promise to upload them for those of you who want a sneaky peak.

Well Happy Monday and have a great day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

1) The best piece of advice I was ever given was In a marriage you give 100 percent both ways...not 50/50 bc if you only give 50 percent you leave room for error. Always "out love" your spouse.

2) If I had a million dollars to give to a charity I would give it to Compassion International. I have been blessed to adopt a little boy from India named Chumandev. I am blessed to financially support him in a small way but I definitely support him in a big way through praying and encouraging. If I had one million dollars I would definitely do more for this charity.

3.) If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be Im gonna go with mexican. Im always up for chips and dip.

4.) My hair is Naturally wavy/curly, blonde and long. Thank goodness for great hair products that I use to tame my mess along with my CHI iron. However, over the past few years I have learned to love my natural side and I allow my hair to go curly or wavy some.

5) If at first you dont succeed Try Try again..........................

6) I have always been very much a people person. As I have said before I do not meet a stranger. I LOVE people. Great company always makes my day. Im one of the crazies that will talk to you in an elevator even if I dont know you. haha!

7) Oh....and by the way...........Im so HAPPY its FRIDAY!!! Yay!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend. If you would like to play along go HERE to link up your answers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cheater Cheater....where'd you meet here....

......First Tiger and Elin and now Jesse and Sandra.........

guys guys guys.....look at both of these woman! All I know is the woman these men had an affair with do not hold a candle to the wifes they have/had. What were you thinking?!?! I watched the Blindside last night {GREAT MOVIE} and all I could think was the crying shame it is that Sandra's BIG moment has been completely ruined by her husbands cheating ways. Whats almost worst is the fact that the mistresses almost seem proud of what they have done. Atleast they dont seem to be showing guilt or shame.

I could not imagine how I would feel if my husband EVER cheated on me. NO, im not married but still......"til death do us part"...."good times and bad" I take that very serious. Which could be why im 26 and not married. I have found the guy I would love to spend the rest of my life with but I also think its all in God's perfect timing!!
Okay....Aaron dont run if you reading...and no pressure. ;)
But seriously back to the cheating...its so sad. These two men are to blame....they need to take FULL responsibility for the pain they have caused. These woman out trying to get there face on magazine covers...or a buck for a story do not matter....what matters is the fact that these men have cheated on their wives, humiliated them, crushed their spirits, question their trust and its so sad. I also think it should be a private matter...yes we all want to know whats going on and want to hear what Tiger and Jesse were thinking but we have to remember the innocent wives involved. I do not think all woman are innocent either so please do not think Im letting the woman off easily. Woman cheat too. Im not talking boyfriend/girlfriend stuff...Im talking Married people...joined together by God....people who have vowed to be there good and bad, thick and thin...........
I remember a few years ago I was at a church service for singles and I heard something that really made me think.....You know we are all SINGLE until married! You dont mark important paper work as TAKEN or MARRIED you mark it as SINGLE or MARRIED. So if you want your cake and eat it too.....if you want to mingle around....cheat on your girlfriend....then do it while your SINGLE! (No I dont think you should treat on your girlfriend/boyfriend bc it only causes trust issues that are hard to get back). Okay enough of my venting ;) Im just shocked by these men and their actions.

Wishful Wednesday--Bag

'I wish'....I could afford this Balenciaga bag without putting a dent in my pocketbook.

Yes that is right ladies....I would love a Balenciaga bag and I dont even care what color! ha!! Well I should probably say....Im not sure what color I would want. Im sure I'd play it safe and get black but this bag comes in all sorts of fun colors.

Even though I would LOVE a Balenciaga bag Im pretty excited about my newest purse {well I have not purchased it yet, but it will be purchased here in a few weeks} Im super excited about will be new Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier canvas bag. I have wanted this bag for a while now and well....thanks to my tax return Im purchasing a new bag {I wont be using all my money...Im not crazy} I think a GOOD handbag occassionally is okay. Lets face it men spend bookoos on golf clubs and guns right?!?! Every girl needs a good handbag. My very first Louis Vuitton still looks brand new and I carried it for many years so this bag will last me a long time!! :)

Head over to Kelsey's blog to play along!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I just realized I have not posted anything in the last few days....sorry! Im sure I have plenty to post I have just been so busy. This past weekend was jammed packed and before I knew it Monday was greeting me again! Yesterday my boyfriends aunt past away which was very unexpected so if you could lift his family up in prayer it would be wonderfully appreciated. Yall are all so amazing.
I have to brag for a moment ;) Aaron amazes me with his strength! He is a take control, get it done, fix this kind of guy. I LOVE him more everyday!!! I love his family as my own and I am so blessed to be able to consider them family.

Sorry I am getting behind with my posts but I promise here in the next few days to pick it back up and I have some new paintings to share too!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! So back to Fill in the blank Friday. If you wanna play too go here to join the fun.

1) Today Im wearing jeans and a tshirt. Fridays are casual days at work so I take full advantage of it.

2) My favorite childhood food was mac & cheese and my favorite now is oh I dont think I could choose ONE specific things. I love food and Im definitely not picky. Just leave out the onions please and thank you.

3) A day that Im too busy to blog is a day that im too busy.

4) The last movie I saw was Dear John  and the next movie I want to see is Remember Me.

5)My favorite smell is vanilla and fresh laundry.....but not together. ha! bc vanilla smells so yummy. Fresh laundry is so clean and refreshing. I love curling up with a good clean blanket!

6) A weird little quirk I have is drinking out of glasses at restraunts. Weird I know....."straw please". a straw is a must when drinking out of a glass.

7) When I take a personality quiz they always say Im exactly the way I am. haha. Honestly I forget what they say but I usually think they are dead on. Sorry that doesnt say much for yall that do not know me!

Happy Friday! Lindsay, I told you I was working on a post. :) However Im sure this post will not excite you much....and no pictures of your favorite girlie!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new Blog Award

I have been given a Beautiful Blog Award....Thanks to my lovely friend Candice!


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog....Thanks so much Candice!! Yall head on over to her blog The Perfect Pair...found here....This is one of my good friends and yall will definitely enjoy her blog...and you will be able to see her precious little girl.

2. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who you think have a beautiful blog!


3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award!

4. Tell 7 things about yourself:

Okay, I believe Im running out of things to tell yall about myself....Im afraid I may sound like a broken record so please forgive me if you already know some of these facts about me!

1- I LOVE to paint! I have been slacking with my paintings lately. Yesterday I picked up 6 canvases so I hope to get busy with some paintings! {Ill share them once I finish}

2- I talk without thinking!!!! Yes, its scary the things that come out of my mouth. haha. Im learning to think before I speak. Thank goodness my friends and family are very aware of this problem so most do not take it personally. I can come across very blunt or completely clueless!

3- I have a mild obsession with antique shopping. I actually enjoy "Junktique" shopping. I love finding old furniture to paint, distress, recover....

4- Im OCD when it comes to hand washing. ha!! I always have purell! I CANT eat food without washing my hands first. I even find myself washing my hands at random times during the day bc they "may feel dirty" haha! I told yall its a bit of a problem. ;)

5- Im one of those people that if you are telling me a story and I do not know what the person you are talking about looks like-- Im likely to ask for a picture. ha! I have to be able to put faces with names.

6- I get carsick if im not driving or riding up front! {random I know} I must look forward the entire time or I WILL get sick. I guess this goes with the fact that I get motion sickness as well.

7- I have first and middle names for my unborn children! :)

Okay so if I tagged you I cant wait to see your answers!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Everywhere you look today you are bound to see a ton of GREEN.
Its everywhere and guess who is not wearing this color? ME!! ha! For no reason other than I forgot. oops! What can I say....Im not a morning person at all and honestly the only thing going through my mind when getting ready in the morning is crawling back in bed. So needless to say Im likely to get pinched over and over today.

Today the Chicago river will even be green!

Plenty of people will be drinking green colored drinks tonight....especially green beer. (not me of course...yuck)

I have already seen plenty of girls with green painted nails this eyeshadow, green hats, green hair, green name it....everywhere I turn I see GREEN.

Did you remember to wear GREEN today? Looks like Im off to find something green to tape to my shirt. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Totally Random Tuesday

This post is going to be very RANDOM but I wanted to share some random things flashing through my mind! ha!
First off on this random Tuesday post....I was driving in to work this morning listening to my FAVORITE station KLove and I learned some interesting facts that honestly floored me. Lisa and Eric were talking "interesting facts" and how only 4 out 10 Americans knew the true meaning of Easter!!!! This may not be shocking at all to you or you yourself may not even know the true meaning which only led me to feel completely ashamed for "assuming" more than 4 out of 10 would know. I sat and thought to myself how easy it is for society {especially people who do not know Jesus personally} to get confused about Easter and the true meaning. I mean every store you walk in....every window you walk by is flooded with candy, eggs, bunnies etc.........When we go out and see these window displays or walk into stores we dont see anything that reminds us of Jesus' resurrection. We are not reminded of Jesus Christ's victory over death. My mind and heart was so heavy driving in to work this morning after hearing this.

Okay I told yall this was random. So, who watched the premiere of Jessica Simpsons show Price of Beauty last night? Me!! ha! I think shes adorable. I know not everyone will agree and thats okay. Dont stop reading if you dont care for her or her "Jessicaisms".
However, I did really enjoy the show last night. I love how Jessica picked herself up from all the criticism she has received this past year and went out and embraced it. What is True Beauty? Its crazy that what America considers "true beauty" may not even be considered beautiful in another country. Last nights show was interesting bc how many of us "bake" in the sun or tanning bed?!?! We want that golden tropicana tan right? Well last night Jessica and her crew traveled to (Bejing?--I could be wrong...I apologize) white--bleached white skin is considered beautiful there. They interviewed a lady who bleached her skin so much that the chemicals eventually burned her skin....she was a married singer and now bc of her skin she no longer sings and her husband left. It was so sad bc I personally thought she looked beautiful and hearing her stories just broke my heart that she no longer felt pretty bc of the society she was a part of. Ladies, if you can put aside your dislike (if thats the case) for Jessica the show is a must watch. :)

Okay and lastly I have to share my newest reading with yall!! Incase you have not read or even heard of the book Crazy Love--it is a MUST read. Great book! We are reading this in my small group and last night we studied Ch 5. Ill have to do a seperate post on this book bc there is so much to say about it but if you are looking for a new read this one is great!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yay a gift all for me!

Happy Monday ya'll! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I sure did. Like I mentioned Friday, one of my dearest friends traveled from Jackson, Ms to spend the weekend with me. Friday night about 7 of us cooked dinner at Aarons house and we all sat around the dinning room table and enjoyed yummy food and conversation. {Love nights like this} I have to brag for a minute. One of my dear friends Stephanie has such a gift when it comes to being crafty. This is one girl I love getting creative with. I teach her how to paint and help her with decorating....she teaches me how sew and shop yard sales. haha!! Anyways be sure to check out her blog here! {shes been super busy but shes getting back on the blogging wagon} be sure and check out her fun ideas and crafts. Also, Im urging her to get her Etsy shop up and running so she can sell her wonderful stuff. Okay so she has made several aprons that I just love so she brought me one Friday night. YAY!!!!

Cute huh?!?! I think so! I love Amy Butler fabric so this apron excites me! :) Thank you so much Stephanie for completely making my eveving!!

Saturday I ran a ton of errands all day long but finished the evening with a mexican dinner with Aaron and Becka. We then went home and watched the Stepfather {yikes...what a psycho}.

Sunday we got up and headed to church! Im super excited to announce that Highpoint is now streaming the 10:45 service live. All you have to do is go to the website and watch. Click here and you can hopefully find the live stream...Ive never done it so I cant quite give instructions but I wanted to share this incase anyone in Memphis Tn is looking for a church or if you are an out of towner that does not attend a church you can view the service I attend from your computer. :) After church we headed to lunch and then Becka and I headed to take maternity pics of a friend. Ill be sure to share some pics once they are uploaded. My friend Becka has a gift and an eye for photography!!! I just went along to help with props and instructing what to do. Even though I am going to have her show me how to use my camera and some tricks. I think I may buy a "Dummy" book too. ha!! I love my camera but it sits more like a "prized posession" than a camera I use. I LOVE pictures so after playing for hours yesterday I have decided its time to break in my new camera!

After our photography fun we joined some friends at Mellow Mushroom {a pizza place incase you are wondering}. Oh how could I have forgotten. One of my bestest/longest friends ever found out Saturday that she and her hubby are having a sweet baby GIRL Im so excited. I have all nephews so finally a precious baby girl.

Well friends that is my weekend wrap up! I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Getting to Know You

Well Im a day late on Getting To Know you Sunday but hey.....better late than never. Yesterday was a super busy day that Ill post about later!! Anyways head over here to play along!

1) Whats your favorite easter candy? Cadburry Mini Eggs!!! By far the best candy! I get so excited every time the easter candy hits the stores bc I know that "purple" bag will be waiting for me.

2) Who do you think is or woman? Im going to say woman on this question. However I do believe SOME men are cleaner than SOME woman. Aaron is GREAT at cleaning and organizing so we make a great team....sometimes hes better than me and sometimes Im better than him.

3) which do you prefer.....wordy blogs or blogs with pictures? How about a post with tons of words and pictures?!?!?! I love stories but pictures to go along make the stories even better. :)

4) Were you popular in High School? I wasnt an outcast. What makes you popular anyways?!?! I just tried to be friends with everyone.

5) How many states have you lived in? ONE.....Tennessee

6)Whats one blog you read everyday? Kelly's Korner!! Im sure yall all do too. ha! I just think shes adorable!

7) Peanut butter or Nutella? Peanut butter

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

Happy friday!! If you would like to join in go HERE and copy the questions...fill in your answers...and then link back here.

1) The best day ever was I would have to say one of the BEST days ever was they day I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.

2) My favorite meal of the day is dinner because the food is always delish and something different every night. Not to mention dinner is a time to relax and usually this is when Aaron and I talk about what all went on during the day. Dinner is also a meal that we eat often with friends and family!!!

3) This weekend should be a fun one! One of my besties is coming to stay the entire weekend with me. Tonight about 7 of us are all cooking dinner at Aarons house so it will be a fun night. We have some other things going on this weekend and Im sure some relaxing as well.

4) Never in my life have I bungee jumped. Nope never and I never plan on it. ha! Im deathly afraid of heights. I quite clumsy and have trouble on solid ground...Im not jumping from the sky!

5) The only thing better than kisses is the three little words I LOVE YOU. {haha. this one was kinda tough}

6) I could really do with some quality friend time! Which will be taking place tonight. :)

7) The most recent thing I bought was a bowl from target. Exciting right?!? Sorry, I needed a BIG bowl.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! Yay...its almost friday! Im so THANKFUL that its been a good and healthy week! Everyone is catching the stomach virus {which I had last week} and/or horrible colds! Im thankful our weather has been great...except for the thunderstorm last night....but it just makes me appreciate the warm sunshine even more!! Im thankful that one of my besties is coming in town this weekend and staying with me!! Of course these are only a few things Im thankful for.

I enjoy finding new recipes and I visit several food blogs and websites daily always on the search for new ideas. So lately if I make something we enjoy I have been sharing it with yall. Sorry if you dont like to cook but I do know some of my lovely followers do so I want to be sure and share. Last night I made Poppyseed chicken. My mom has made this since I was a little girl and if you are from the south Im sure you have had it. Im not saying only the south eats this but as I have grown older Im realizing its a pretty popular southern dish. Its always been a favorite of mine and of course its........EASY!!

Poppyseed Chicken
3-4 Chicken breasts
2 cans Cream of Chicken
1 Container or sour cream
1 sleeve or Ritz Crackers
1 stick of butter
2 Tbsp of Poppy seeds {I dont measure...I just shake}

* Boil chicken breast until no longer pink and then dice up to bite size
*Mix diced chicken, cream of chicken, sour cream and poppyseeds together
*Poor into a baking dish and top with crushed ritz crackers and pour 1 melted stick of butter on top
*Place in the oven @ 350 for 30-40 mins

Wala....this is very yummy. I served mine with rice {Put the casserole on top of rice} and fresh green beans!
Definitely feeds PLENTY I had over half of the dish left to put in the fridge and Aaron even had seconds.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yummy Taco Salad

Last night for dinner I whipped up some yummy taco salads. Aaron had to work late so I had dinner ready when he got home......Now usually when we have taco salads we will crush up chips for our "bowl" or we will just skip the entire shell/chip part and make a simple mexican salad. case you are wondering where Im going with this.....Last night I decided to make some taco shells. This was super easy...and plenty of you probably already do this but incase some of you never have I wanted to share bc I thought it turned out great and I must say even Aaron "aka the chef" was pretty pleased and even wanted seconds.

{I apologize that its kinda hard to see but this was my shell out of the oil}

So here it is....I just took regular flour tortilla that we make tacos or fajitas with and vegetable oil. I put a good amount of oil in a deep frying pan....once the oil was hot I dropped in a shell. Let it get good and covered you will notice when it starts to fry a bit.....I then pressed the center of the tortilla with a laddle and watched it form a bowl. I then removed the shell from the pan and placed it into a bowl and there you have it....a taco shell for your taco salads! Simple, fast and yummy!

Wishful Wed.....Wedding Gown

This weeks wishful Wednesday topic is possibly one of my favs so far! Im not married but I am one of those girls that has dreamed of her wedding day since a small girl! You know what Im talking about....some girls dream of this day while others could really care less.

'I wish' I could have worn_________________ on my wedding day!

Okay ladies, like I already stated im not married but I definitely have some dresses in mind. Its so crazy because as long as I can remember I have always wanted a church/ aisle kind of wedding. The dress I have always pictured had lace lace lace. I love lace and think its so classy, elegant and vintage.

I still LOVE this look and will possibly have a dress similar one day...long long veil to go along of course! But this past year my DREAM wedding has change a bit or should I say a ton. ha!!
I have always been that girl that said I would never get married outside especially at the beach. I love the beach but I didnt want frizzy hair {I have natural curl}, greasy, sweaty makeup and a wind blown look. Well ladies.....guess loving the idea of a beach wedding!!! ha! I just think it fits my personality! I am loving the relaxed, care-free, casual idea of a beach wedding. How fun would it be to spend a week at the beach with close friends and family.....the day of the wedding could be relaxed and just as fun as the week vacay we are on. Im loving the idea of loose curls, no veil, barefeet and an intimate setting with my groom, loved ones and God! So, if a beach wedding is the way I go then I would change my gown to more of a fresh, beachy, grecian style gown....kinda like this.....

So I guess only time will tell the gown I choose but these are my favs!! I cant wait to take a look at all of yalls choices. If you have never played along head over to Kelsey's blog and join in.