Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting to Know You

Well Im a day late on Getting To Know you Sunday but hey.....better late than never. Yesterday was a super busy day that Ill post about later!! Anyways head over here to play along!

1) Whats your favorite easter candy? Cadburry Mini Eggs!!! By far the best candy! I get so excited every time the easter candy hits the stores bc I know that "purple" bag will be waiting for me.

2) Who do you think is or woman? Im going to say woman on this question. However I do believe SOME men are cleaner than SOME woman. Aaron is GREAT at cleaning and organizing so we make a great team....sometimes hes better than me and sometimes Im better than him.

3) which do you prefer.....wordy blogs or blogs with pictures? How about a post with tons of words and pictures?!?!?! I love stories but pictures to go along make the stories even better. :)

4) Were you popular in High School? I wasnt an outcast. What makes you popular anyways?!?! I just tried to be friends with everyone.

5) How many states have you lived in? ONE.....Tennessee

6)Whats one blog you read everyday? Kelly's Korner!! Im sure yall all do too. ha! I just think shes adorable!

7) Peanut butter or Nutella? Peanut butter


Claire said...

I saw your comment about being in Tennessee from a few weeks ago on one of my posts! Are you in Memphis? I've always thought you looked so familiar and I've seen the picture of Becka on your page. We went to high school together and I gave her camera advice when she was looking to buy back in the winter. She's a sweetheart! Anyway, small world!!!

monica said...

i love the fill in the blanks and getting to know you because it's fun to see what other people say.

love your blog
and i love cadberry eggs too