Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting to Know you

Happy Sunday! I dont know about yall but it is BEAUTIFUL here...Im loving this weather! After church this morning Aaron and I joined some friends for a great lunch and then we headed home to enjoy the weather. We took the doggies on a long walk and visited the park. Im loving this weather and hope it decides to stay around for a while!!

Okay yall be sure and head over to MannLand5 and participate in "Getting to know you"--its a fun way to get to know other bloggers. These are her questions and my REAL/RAW/HONEST answers!!

1. Are you more a talker or listener? Im definitely more of a talker. Ask anyone who knows me and they can tell you I NEVER meet a stranger! ha! However I am working on Listening more and talking less!

2. Bra....Underwire or wireless? Gosh if you have to know... ;) both! My everyday bra..underwire...sports bra..wireless!!

3. Wish I was? laying on a hammock under a palm tree somwhere tropical. That sounds so lovely right now.

4. The Acadamy Awards are on tonight...will you watch? I will probably flip back and forth. I love to see the dresses.

5. Do you put deodorant on before you get dressed or after? AFTER!! As soon as I step out of the shower I put on my deodorant and lotion.

6. Would you rather do dishes or clean toilets? hmm...well neither bother me so I would really do both....however...I would not want to clean someones nasty toilet...I just do not mind my own.

7. How much did you weigh at birth? 7 lbs 6oz

8. If you could buy one thing for the spring or summer season what would it be? I do realize this is not a trick question but honestly I have no clue what I would buy! Sorry!!

****I do realize today is Monday but I did this yesterday....I just forgot to post it...oops!!********


littledaisymay said...

Laying in a hammock under a palm tree sounds perfect right now :)

Brittany said...

The hammock thing does sound pret-ty amazing! Bring on the warm weather!

We weighed the same at birth :-)