Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slacking a tad much?

Well I know I have been completely off the blogging radar! Since the Holidays are behind us I am going to try and play catch up. First off--the weekend before Christmas, Aaron took me to New York for my birthday. We had a great time and oh I can't forget it snowed the entire time! I loved all the shopping but I believe I enjoyed all the Christmas decoration better. We had tons of great food but I guess my favorite would have been my bday dinner at Tavern on the Green, this place was beautiful.
I loved all the lights at Tavern--this was my bday view during dinner. After dinner Aaron had the Chef make me a birthday cake...this cake was a bit much for two but man was it yummy!!
I could have overdosed on sugar. Earlier in the day we stopped into Magnolia bakery and picked up a cupcake!

I can honestly say this was a wonderful birthday. I love New York!

Okay so then we had Christmas. What a great time family and friends. I must have been good because Santa was good to me! :)

My precious Mama and Jane

Once Christmas was over I barely had time to rest. Heather, Nick, Aaron and I went to New Orleans for the weekend. We headed down on Friday and came home on Sunday after the Saints game. This trip was interesting. I must say the game and company was great...the city not so much. This place was so dirty!!!!
Last but not least.....Yesterday was my Ellie Bug's second birthday. Yes my puppies are rotten! Last night we had dinner and cake. This year Ellie had to share her cake with Lola Belle (not so sure she liked that). Ellie and Lola are best friends but Ellie was re-thinking the new sister thing when she realized she had to share her food too.

Well that's all for now! Hopefully I will not wait so long next time to update!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am leaving for New York on Friday and my birthday is Saturday! Im so excited to be in New York for my birthday---most of all I am excited to shop and be there during the Christmas holiday. Since I will not be home for my birthday, my mama, aarons mama, Aaron, Nick, Lindsay, Becka Heather, Kristie, Jamie and Kyle suprised me with a birthday get together.

It all started with Aaron insisting we do the remainder of his Christmas shopping tonight. So we went to dinner at Firebirds and then headed to the mall. I was so frusterated bc I had found tons of gifts for everyone he has left but he would not buy a single one. He kept saying, "Ill keep that in mind". ha! So I finally gave up. So when we get back to his house--we go in and get the dogs. All of the sudden he insists on taking them out....I was so confused and thought he must not feel well. OH.........yes.......I forgot...we suddenly had to leave the mall bc his stomach was hurting really bad. So anyways as we walk into the kitchen on the way to take the dogs out I hear a sudden load sound and all of the sudden "SUPRISE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I screamed so loud and was in total shock. Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate with me. I had decorations, food, cake and presents! I am loved!!! Ms. Susan even got out of bed and ready to come see me. (she just had surgery). I LOVE each one of you and I am so blessed to have yall in my life.

So my birthday celebration has already started and on a good foot. So now I am off to pack for New York! Hope everyone has a great evening!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So not like myself!

I am so proud to say I have almost all my Christmas shopping complete. Usually I am a last minute person but not this year. I don't really know what my deal is---but I am not complaining. There are a few gift I want to look for in New York. Yes Lindsay ALL your presents will be from NY. :) I don't enjoy buying gifts do to the fact that it can be so hard to find the most perfect present and yes I feel like I HAVE to find the most perfect one. Don't get me wrong I love giving---just not finding! My favorite part of buying Christmas presents is WRAPPING! Yep you heard right! Wrapping is my favorite. I purchased the cutest paper (I will post pics later). My wrapping theme this year is red with silver polka dots and green with lime greens designs. Lindsay and I bought matching paper this year so the gifts under the tree will be beautiful! :)
I started my wrapping this weekend but still have a few gifts that I am waiting on--I had to order a few.

So for the last few months I have felt blah off and on. I really cant explain the feeling but just not quite myself. Sometimes my body aches, my head hurts, nauseous and then this weight gain. Yes weight gain....granted I don't eat or exercise the way I should but gosh the pounds keep coming and don't seem to be going when I do start to eat better or exercise more. So yesterday I went to the Doctor and told her my problem. For starters she changed my medicine bc she said it can cause weight gain. The biggest news during my visit was her actual concern about my weight and her questioning my THYROID. So my Dr tells me that my last blood work four yrs ago showed my thyroid being right on the line of questionable. Now I do not get all the Dr slang but basically she believes my thyroid is our of whack! So she did some blood work and I should hear some results within the next few days. Such a relief to know my metabolism has not totally stopped working. She said its very common and no biggie....just a small pill and my thyroid will get back to normal and so will my weight and all the other symptoms I have had. Anyways what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger....just glad to know whats going on.

So today I am back to work but wishing I was in bed. This weather makes my comfy bed call my name. So until I can get home and in my PJ's, I will sip on my McAlisters sweet tea and catch up on my work. Hope everyone is having a great day---be careful if you are out in this rain!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost Friday!

I have a prayer request....Aaron's mom is having surgery on her foot tomorrow so tonight when you say your prayers please remember her. I know you are thinking---"its her foot"--yes it is, but she has had several surgeries on her foot and actually had one this time last year. I pray that the Dr. can go in and get the job done this time. I also hope for a speedy recovery!

On another note I am so excited---this weekend I get to have a GIRLS WEEKEND with my bestie/roomie Kristie. Aaron is going fishing with guys from work and mama is going out of town with her best friend. So Kristie its me and you girl!

So I got this cute idea to make all my girlfriends ornaments as a little happy this year. I am pleased with how they turned out so I must share---girls sorry if you see your letter, yes its for you but I had to post so everyone could see how cute.

I have twelve more ornaments but here are my first twelve. These were actually fast and cost little money. I had a fun time and that was the point.

Lindsay and I also finished working on her cross and I helped her make a picture frame. We are having too much--every night this week we have left work, put on pj's, picked up a McAlisters sweet tea and started painting. We have more to do this weekend.

Two more weeks and I will be getting ready to leave for New York!!!!! Everyone have a great night!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The creative side of my brain must be working in overdrive. I have been working on several projects lately. First off, I decorated the inside of the house a week before Thanksgiving---I could not wait any longer. This past weekend Aaron and I spent Sunday putting out Christmas lights. This was actually a long day. I promise for a second I felt like we were re-living the Griswold's family Christmas. (I love the Griswold). Anyways we checked all the lights before we put any out.....go figure as soon as we decorate every tree and bush in the yard strands started going out. Yes we were out there all day and after our third attempt we seemed to get it right. Oh did I mention it was freezing and raining the entire time....yep it was. Bbbrrrr is right. I must admit though we had a good time.

One of my next projects in the house is to make a "crafts" room. Aaron and I both enjoy certain crafts. Aaron enjoys fly fishing and along with hobby he ties his own flies. So upstairs we have set up a table with all his "fly tying" equipment. This room is pretty big.....so ....I think it would be a great idea to put another table with chairs on the other side so I can have an area in the room. All my paints and scrapbooking materials are kept in this room. The only problem is, every time I use these materials I take them downstairs to work. If I had an area in the "crafts" room I would not be bringing my mess downstairs! :)

So I have been working on a new project with Lindsay and Mrs. Susan. We have been painting canvases and making picture frames. Here is some of the things I have made recently....

*First picture we ever took together*

Now I have no clue what I am doing with the new painting or the picture frames....we one frame seemed to find a home! I have this problem....I paint and make things and then shove them into the closet. I just love being crafty so just make "stuff". Maybe I will make some Christmas gifts. Well the ones I love all seem to ready for bed so I guess its time to call it a night. Hope everyone has a wonderful night and sleep tight!

Love~ Leigh

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four Christmases

My title says it all. Four Christmases is hilarious!! Aaron and I joined Heather and Nick the other night for dinner and a movie. I love Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, so I knew this movie would be great---it's so funny. I think Aaron and I started laughing the second it started all the way until the end. Go see it---you will love it!

So I'm going to New York for my Birthday--the weekend before Christmas. I have been wanting a new camera......so my wonderful boyfriend bought me the exact one I wanted and gave it to me early so I will have it for our trip. Yay! I cant wait to try it out---I love photography and y'all that know me, know I ALWAYS have my camera. THANK YOU AARON!!!

Today we got up early and went shopping. Me, Aaron, Mama and my cousins. Yes Aaron went. He is such a trooper. Actually he likes shopping, I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm lucky. Anyways after a long day of shopping we went to dinner with a couple of our friends. We had dinner at Bonefish. BANG BANG SHRIMP! (enough said). Tomorrow we are going to church and then hopefully putting out the outdoor Christmas decorations. Hope everyone's weekend has been wonderful.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Well today has been a long but GREAT day! This afternoon Aaron and I went to his cousins house for his family lunch. The food was wonderful along with the company. I had to remind myself to eat small portions so that I would have room for dinner. Aaron's mom makes the most wonderful cheesecake ever. Cheesecake is my FAVORITE sweet. You know I could not resist....the entire time I was eating I had that cheesecake on my mind. Aaron made us a "dessert plate". There were about four different desserts on the plate with ONE fork. So Aaron said enjoy--just give me a few bites. After we ate almost the entire plate of sweets, Aaron brought it to my attention that he had not had one bite of cheesecake! OOPS....I forgot to share and ate it all! :)

After lunch we then headed to my mamas house for company and an early dinner. Again there was so much food. We enjoyed this meal with friends and family. Oh and did I mention that we brought the remainder of cheesecake with us...ahahaha....yes we did. So of course I had another piece. I believe I am going to have to go on a serious diet.

*this is the spread from my moms*


After we all stuffed ourselves, some of us decided to rest while the others carried conversation. Today is my cousins 16th bday. Happy birthday Sarah! So of course we had to sing happy birthday. We had so many sweets already so we gave her a small cake of her own.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving--- I know I did. It is always great to celebrate and be with friends and loved ones. Tomorrow I WILL NOT be one of the early risers out trying to murder my neighbor for gifts. No...I will be at work! At least I do get off early. Saturday is the day we have chosen to go shopping. So girls get ready....you know I will be up bright and early ready to go. Hugs and kisses to all.
I had to sneak in a picture of my sweet Lola. She loves to give kisses! OK I'm off to watch Celebrity Rehab---I am not sure why we like this show but Aaron and I are hooked. Then off to bed. Night Night!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A day early but not too late!
I know I have so much to be thankful for. I will be even more thankful when I get off work! :)
My family is in town and this is the first Thanksgiving we have ever spent with my Mamas side of the family. I am so happy to have my grandma and cousins in town. Mamas side of the family is crazy---good crazy. We always have so much fun and laugh until it hurts. I get my "talkative ways" and blunt comments from my grandma and sometimes after spending time with her, I tell myself I should really watch what I say. She says and tells you exactly what is on her mind.
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Aaron and I will be going to his families Thanksgiving for lunch and then to my Moms house for an early dinner. There will be so much food to eat, I am sure to be stuffed. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Be sure to give THANKS to the Lord for all he has given you---things you understand and things you don't! GIVE THANKS! Love you all!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis the Season

So Aaron finally gave in and brought down the Christmas tree and decorations. Last night we brought everything down but both were too tired to move so everything sat in the living room until today. On a side note....we have a mouse in the house. Aahh...yes you read correctly. There are three things im very afraid of ............................. 1) tornado's...2) snakes.....3) mice. So I am not sure where it came from but last night while I was in the hall bathroom, one ran out from under the sink cabinet. I let out the most unbelievable scream ever. Oh did I mention that both of the dogs were in the bathroom with me...well yes they follow my every step. Aaron comes running down the hall because he just knew something bad had happened. By the time he gets back to the bathroom he finds me standing in the tub (yes I jumped in the tub) I was so freaked out I could have blacked out but once I realized he was laughing at me....I came to. I looked down and low and behold my Ellie was in the tub with me. haha...if only I had a camera. She must have jumped in with me! Anyways we bought a mouse trap so hopefully the little furry creature will be leaving soon.

Okay back to my decorating. Today was the day!! YAY. I finally was able to put out/up the decorations. I only got to do the inside but I hope Aaron will help me with the outside tomorrow. This took all day but I must say I enjoyed every bit of it.....oh and I did have some help from Lola and Ellie! I sent Aaron to the bedroom...he could watch football and then I could have the livingroom Tv all to myself while I worked away.

Above: when you walk in front door!

breakfast area

Oh and I cant forget my little helpers..............

AND............now I am totally exhausted. Well off to bed...tomorrow morning we have church and my grandma is coming in town! Its cold tonight snuggle up. Love yall!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr and Mrs

I have a great group of girlfriends that I call my BESTIES. Each of these girls are special to me in a different way. I love each and every one of them. One of my besties that I have known the longest and been through the most with would be my best friend Heather. So Heather this blog is for you!!!! For everyone reading this---im sure you know but Heather and Nick are getting married. Heather and I became friends instantly and formed a true "sister" bond. Thick and thin...good and bad....happy and sad...we have been through it. We have watched relationships crumble and boyfriends go. I will never forget the night that Heather called me and told me she had found "the one". I thought yeah right! (sorry nick) Long story short............I love Nick and KNOW that Heather could not have hooked a better catch! I always thought the day my best friend got married would be a sad day. No more slumber parties, late night laughs/cries, gossiping, and all the other things girls do. WELL I was proven wrong. My best friend is engaged to be married in February and I could not be happier for her! I have not lost a best friend but gained another---Nick! He has been there for the deep conversations, laughs, cries, gossiping and all the other girly stuff. (what a trooper) Im so happy to see Heather and Nick truely happy and cant wait to see what all is in store for them as a couple. I have only one request........hold out on babies---our firsts have to be the same age, so you have to wait on me! haha. love yall congrats!!!!!!



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mama Mia!!!!

Hey everyone! Well I just went and saw Mama Mia for the first time and I must say that it was very cute! I got off of work at five and flew home to let my doggies go potty. As soon as I walked in---I came across a huge mess in the girls room. They had shredded almost an entire roll of toilet paper...........ahhhh. Im not sure where this roll came from but I can only guess that it was discovered when the dogs were in the care of my mother this morning. So guess what? I left the mess for her. Well I did call and warn her---I really did not have time to clean it up. Jamie and I left the house at 5:30...drove downtown....ate at Bluefin and then went to the show. I had a great night! Thanks JJ!

This is random but thought I would share. I was talking to a lady at work today about relieving stress. I love to paint and scrapbook. Something about both of these completely put me in another zone. I am NO artist but love to be creative. If I am out shopping and see something I like, I generally will figure out how to make it myself. This is how bad it is....the other day I ran across a sewing machine at Costco---I told Aaron I wanted it. He laughed and told me he was not buying me a sewing machine from Costco!!! haha. I really think I would love to have one. I really would love to have one that monogrammed....oh the trouble I could get in. Anyways here are a few pictures of some recent canvases I have painted.

Okay its waaayyyy past my bedtime! Night Night...dont let the bed bugs bite! Say your prayers!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well my title says it all!!! Today is in fact Sunday and what a FUN DAY it has been. This morning I went to church...HIGHPOINT...with my mama, Aaron, Nick, Heather,Kristie, and Becka. After church we had our after church argument over where to eat...haha....seriously this is every Sunday. Anyways after lunch my Mom and I went to the Helen Brett show which was so much fun. I bought some wonderful things...jewelry and some home decorations. Aaron has been making fun of me for a month now because I insist on putting out the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas time and the feel in the air. So...............guess what...........I bought some Christmas decorations at the show and placed them in the living room. Now this mess is not going anywhere so I am hoping he will get tire of looking at it and pull the tree and everything else out of the attic. Once he does this, I will happily put everything in a nice neat place. Hopefully by this weekend he will have it all out for me!!! Okay...so after the show Mom and I ran to Fresh Market to buy dinner for eight people. Aaron and I cooked for some of our friends...well mostly my girlfriends and Nick. We had way too much food. Chicken and Steak Kabobs, baked potato's, salad and cookies for dessert (thanks Kristie). Dinner was yummy and we even ate by the fire! I love my boyfriend....he has to be one great guy to put up with me and ALL my besties! We come as a package and he has learned to deal! Today was great but I am exhausted and off to bed. Hope everyone had a safe & wonderful weekend!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

So I Wasnt Born to Clean!

Well anyone who knows me is fully aware that I love things organized. Its the "doing it" part that is interesting. I feel best when things are clean and organized but I believe I suffer from some sort of cleaning A.D.D. Getting started is so hard. I look at a mess and rather than taking care of it, I watch it grow. My mom has always told me that I suffer from A.D.D. when it comes to cleaning....as a child she would send me to my room to clean and an hour later she said I would still be sitting on the floor staring at the mess. I would be so overwhelmed. She would literally put me in a corner and tell me "start here". With a bit of guidance I could do it. So.......I know you are wondering where this is going. Today, I come home from shopping with Aaron for Christmas decorations to find that Kristie had organized and cleaned my room and closet. My room was not that bad but my closet was a HOT MESS. I wish I had pictures of the before but here is what I walked into...............

Now I know it still looks cluttery but I just dont have enough room for all my junk. My closet is actually big but I still can't fit everything in there as you can see. My jeans/pants are in the guest room closet. Thanks to Kristie my closet is a breath of fresh air and I can actually find something to wear!!!

This would be Kristie! haha

So after realizing she spent her morning cleaning my mess....I decided to clean the rest of the house. This could have been a bad idea. Yes my dogs are spoiled and they have their own room...which I decided to clean. I picked up all the toys and beds and decided to give the floor a good mop. Well little did I know the mess I was getting ready to create. I would have hid this mess but Kristie came stumbling down the stairs to be my first witness. And this is what she found..........

....................a big soapy mess!!!! The suds just kept happening. I tried to rinse the mop and add water but...nope....more suds. So I decided to just get buckets.....yes bucket"s" of water and soak the room down. By this time Kristie came to the rescue before my mess became even more of an issue..........several buckets of water and eight bath towels later.....the floor was spick and span! Now, The dogs better enjoy because I am not sure I will be doing this again.

Enough about cleaning! Tonight I have all my besties at the house except for Catherine. We are watching Sweet Home Alabama and who knows what else. Aaron is cooking us homemade Tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese sandwiches...yum yum. So off to girls night I go. Everyone have a wonderful evening!!!!! Oh and if anyone is looking for a church....HIGHPOINT!!!! We will all be there in the morning. I love this church and look forward to becoming a member soon. Okay! Night!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very First Blog

Hello! Okay I am new to this blogging so be patient because I am learning! Im tired of Myspace and Facebook but love keeping up with Friends and Family. I love scrapbooking and doing creative things so blogging seems to be my "NEW THING". Poor Aaron....he says I spend way too much time on the computer.....so I know he is not excited! Well lucky for me Aaron is out of town fishing so here I am setting up my new blog! This means I have all morning to play and familiarize myself with this. I am suppose to be making a schedule for New York....yes New York! My wonderful Boyfriend is taking my to NY for my Birthday, which is the weekend before Christmas! YAY..I am so excited! I have never been but always wanted to go...dont yall worry I am sure I will have pictures galore when I get back and will share on here! Okay...Im going to leave everyone with a few pictures and I am going to finish learning how in the heck this thing works!

Have a safe and great weekend!

My new car

My girlies...Ellie & Lola