Thursday, November 27, 2008


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Well today has been a long but GREAT day! This afternoon Aaron and I went to his cousins house for his family lunch. The food was wonderful along with the company. I had to remind myself to eat small portions so that I would have room for dinner. Aaron's mom makes the most wonderful cheesecake ever. Cheesecake is my FAVORITE sweet. You know I could not resist....the entire time I was eating I had that cheesecake on my mind. Aaron made us a "dessert plate". There were about four different desserts on the plate with ONE fork. So Aaron said enjoy--just give me a few bites. After we ate almost the entire plate of sweets, Aaron brought it to my attention that he had not had one bite of cheesecake! OOPS....I forgot to share and ate it all! :)

After lunch we then headed to my mamas house for company and an early dinner. Again there was so much food. We enjoyed this meal with friends and family. Oh and did I mention that we brought the remainder of cheesecake with us...ahahaha....yes we did. So of course I had another piece. I believe I am going to have to go on a serious diet.

*this is the spread from my moms*


After we all stuffed ourselves, some of us decided to rest while the others carried conversation. Today is my cousins 16th bday. Happy birthday Sarah! So of course we had to sing happy birthday. We had so many sweets already so we gave her a small cake of her own.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving--- I know I did. It is always great to celebrate and be with friends and loved ones. Tomorrow I WILL NOT be one of the early risers out trying to murder my neighbor for gifts. No...I will be at work! At least I do get off early. Saturday is the day we have chosen to go shopping. So girls get know I will be up bright and early ready to go. Hugs and kisses to all.
I had to sneak in a picture of my sweet Lola. She loves to give kisses! OK I'm off to watch Celebrity Rehab---I am not sure why we like this show but Aaron and I are hooked. Then off to bed. Night Night!

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