Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis the Season

So Aaron finally gave in and brought down the Christmas tree and decorations. Last night we brought everything down but both were too tired to move so everything sat in the living room until today. On a side note....we have a mouse in the house. Aahh...yes you read correctly. There are three things im very afraid of ............................. 1) tornado's...2) snakes.....3) mice. So I am not sure where it came from but last night while I was in the hall bathroom, one ran out from under the sink cabinet. I let out the most unbelievable scream ever. Oh did I mention that both of the dogs were in the bathroom with me...well yes they follow my every step. Aaron comes running down the hall because he just knew something bad had happened. By the time he gets back to the bathroom he finds me standing in the tub (yes I jumped in the tub) I was so freaked out I could have blacked out but once I realized he was laughing at me....I came to. I looked down and low and behold my Ellie was in the tub with me. haha...if only I had a camera. She must have jumped in with me! Anyways we bought a mouse trap so hopefully the little furry creature will be leaving soon.

Okay back to my decorating. Today was the day!! YAY. I finally was able to put out/up the decorations. I only got to do the inside but I hope Aaron will help me with the outside tomorrow. This took all day but I must say I enjoyed every bit of it.....oh and I did have some help from Lola and Ellie! I sent Aaron to the bedroom...he could watch football and then I could have the livingroom Tv all to myself while I worked away.

Above: when you walk in front door!

breakfast area

Oh and I cant forget my little helpers.............. I am totally exhausted. Well off to bed...tomorrow morning we have church and my grandma is coming in town! Its cold tonight snuggle up. Love yall!


Jennifer and Matthew said...

Hey girl. Glad you found me!

How do you add the music player to your page?

I'm still so new at this!

Jennifer and Matthew said...

I heard about High Point a few weeks ago. There are three churches that we want to try out and I told Matt that HP was one of them. Maybe we'll run into you!