Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very First Blog

Hello! Okay I am new to this blogging so be patient because I am learning! Im tired of Myspace and Facebook but love keeping up with Friends and Family. I love scrapbooking and doing creative things so blogging seems to be my "NEW THING". Poor Aaron....he says I spend way too much time on the I know he is not excited! Well lucky for me Aaron is out of town fishing so here I am setting up my new blog! This means I have all morning to play and familiarize myself with this. I am suppose to be making a schedule for New York....yes New York! My wonderful Boyfriend is taking my to NY for my Birthday, which is the weekend before Christmas! YAY..I am so excited! I have never been but always wanted to go...dont yall worry I am sure I will have pictures galore when I get back and will share on here! Okay...Im going to leave everyone with a few pictures and I am going to finish learning how in the heck this thing works!

Have a safe and great weekend!

My new car

My girlies...Ellie & Lola


The Wilburns said...

Yeah! Welcome to blogging! I am so excited that you are on here!

Carrie said...

Welcome to the blog world Leigh! Can't wait to keep up!