Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mama Mia!!!!

Hey everyone! Well I just went and saw Mama Mia for the first time and I must say that it was very cute! I got off of work at five and flew home to let my doggies go potty. As soon as I walked in---I came across a huge mess in the girls room. They had shredded almost an entire roll of toilet paper...........ahhhh. Im not sure where this roll came from but I can only guess that it was discovered when the dogs were in the care of my mother this morning. So guess what? I left the mess for her. Well I did call and warn her---I really did not have time to clean it up. Jamie and I left the house at 5:30...drove downtown....ate at Bluefin and then went to the show. I had a great night! Thanks JJ!

This is random but thought I would share. I was talking to a lady at work today about relieving stress. I love to paint and scrapbook. Something about both of these completely put me in another zone. I am NO artist but love to be creative. If I am out shopping and see something I like, I generally will figure out how to make it myself. This is how bad it is....the other day I ran across a sewing machine at Costco---I told Aaron I wanted it. He laughed and told me he was not buying me a sewing machine from Costco!!! haha. I really think I would love to have one. I really would love to have one that monogrammed....oh the trouble I could get in. Anyways here are a few pictures of some recent canvases I have painted.

Okay its waaayyyy past my bedtime! Night Night...dont let the bed bugs bite! Say your prayers!

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