Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr and Mrs

I have a great group of girlfriends that I call my BESTIES. Each of these girls are special to me in a different way. I love each and every one of them. One of my besties that I have known the longest and been through the most with would be my best friend Heather. So Heather this blog is for you!!!! For everyone reading this---im sure you know but Heather and Nick are getting married. Heather and I became friends instantly and formed a true "sister" bond. Thick and thin...good and bad....happy and sad...we have been through it. We have watched relationships crumble and boyfriends go. I will never forget the night that Heather called me and told me she had found "the one". I thought yeah right! (sorry nick) Long story short............I love Nick and KNOW that Heather could not have hooked a better catch! I always thought the day my best friend got married would be a sad day. No more slumber parties, late night laughs/cries, gossiping, and all the other things girls do. WELL I was proven wrong. My best friend is engaged to be married in February and I could not be happier for her! I have not lost a best friend but gained another---Nick! He has been there for the deep conversations, laughs, cries, gossiping and all the other girly stuff. (what a trooper) Im so happy to see Heather and Nick truely happy and cant wait to see what all is in store for them as a couple. I have only one request........hold out on babies---our firsts have to be the same age, so you have to wait on me! haha. love yall congrats!!!!!!



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