Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where have I been?

For almost the last year I have heard people mention the word Scentsy! I have several friends who have had Scentsy parties (which I skipped) and I have seen them in several of my friends homes. Im not sure where this wild hair came from but I decided several weeks ago to give this little burner a try. Keep in mind I LOVE candles! I burn them constantly. Well friends I made my first Scentsy purchase and that is when I fell in love.

I purchased a mid size burner in a yellow color (looks great in the Kitchen) and several scents. Right now my favorite scent is a vanilla one (sorry I cannot remember which one...there are several) I love how I can turn the burner on and since the vanilla is light enough I can still burn my favorite candles too. I am excited to try the Christmas scent I purchased.

This past weekend I was at a Christmas show with local vendors and stumbled across another Scentsy vendor so of course I had to add to my Scentsy stash. I bought this little guy for the bathroom.
I love it! So, if yall are skeptical like me and not sure about this, I WILL NOT be disappointed! I have already picked out a big burner that I want and Im ordering several for Christmas presents. Im funny about scents!! I do not like anything too sweet or floral like.....I DO NOT want a scent to give me a headache. However, like I said I have been extremely pleased and happy to say Scentsy won a new customer!

OOOHHHH....and if you have any FAVORITE SCENTS please share!!!! There are so many I get overwhelmed. Id love to know your favorites.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby its Cold Outside

Happy Monday and yes from the title Ive been singing Christmas songs. haha!! Im not sure where our Fall weather disappeared to but its feeling more like winter here. Brr....its cold. This weekend was pretty much a lazy relaxed GIRLS weekend. Saturday I ran all around shopping with several of my girlfriends and then we enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants!
Miss Haven had to go home and try on some of her new clothes
Think she likes them? hahah....really she did...she was just hungry. She looks cute in her boots....too grown up though for 11 weeks old. hehe...Im afraid she will grow up too fast. Yes that would be me in the background with the terrified look on my face. Who knows what I was doing or saying. 

Yesterday I pulled out all my Christmas stuff! I love this time of year and could not wait any longer. I figure if I start now (it will take me a week or two) then once Thanksgiving is over Ill be able and ready to enjoy all my Christmas decor! So last night I fluffed EVERY branch on the tree (my hands are living proof...ouch) and dressed it! Im not finished but its definitely a start!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Whats been going on

First Off THANK YALL so much for the warm welcome back!!! I got some pretty sweet comments and messages in the world did I stay away so long. :)

Okay so what have I been up to? Like I said yesterday...nothing much but here is what has happened since I blogged last. Lets see.....I pretty much spent  most of my summer weekends with friends and family hanging out or relaxing on the lake. Aaahhh...I love the lake in the summer.

One of my bestest friends hubby started his tour with Lady Antebellum. Congrats David Nail. I love getting to see him perform.

A special guy in my life celebrated the big number "1". We celebrated Brooks Graier's first bday!!!

Lets between all this I found time to paint! I know I have mentioned before how much I love painting....this is definitely my stress reliever....I love painting on paper, canvas, walls, name it!!

We celebrated the arrival of my precious of my best friends little girl....Haven Elizabeth! Oh and was she worth the wait!!

And to finish up the summer...Aaron and I headed out to Vegas with my mom and her husband! we didnt get hitched!! However it was fun! My first trip to Vegas and hopefully not my last!

Thanks Mama and Tim for having us join yall! Im ready to go back next year. haha!!
So there ya have it! Thats whats been going on. Promised yall it wasnt very exciting but hopefully now that we have caught up Ill get back to blogging my random daily posts!!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well Hello........

.....My name is Leigh for those of you who may have forgotten. ha!! I believe it has been a good year since I have posted anything on blogger. Im sorry for my readers....even though I know my blog is not that interesting. :) Its still a fun way to keep friends and family up to date plus I have met some great ladies doing so. Im happy to say IM BACK!!! I guess I have alot to catch everyone up on (I promise nothing very exciting though)

This is my ALL TIME favorite part of the year. Did everyone have a great Halloween?!?! Its horrible...its only the beginning of November and Im soooo stinkin ready to decorate for Christmas. haha. I wont lie to you...I believe Christmas may be going up a little early this year. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving but I dont see that happening this year. :)

Okay Im working on updating this blog and I promise not to wait so long in between posts. Im going to leave yall with an introduction to a new "special" someone in my life. My bestest friend had a baby girl a few months ago (first girl born out of my friends....and my sister has 3 boys so shes my first neice) This is Haven or also knows as Miss Priss or doll (she reminds me of a baby doll). I LOVE this little one.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Molly Be Designs

One of my dear friends has started her own business and I could not be more proud of her. Stephanie has always been one crafty and creative little bee. Not only is her stuff adorable she is definitely a PERFECTIONIST so you will never purchase anything from her that she would not pay or make for herself. I have watched her complete a project and then turn around and start all over because she was not pleased. Now, she DID NOT ask me to post this....actually she has no clue that I am but I wanted to share some of her things with yall because I have a few of her creations myself and have received many compliments on them so I definitely want to share them with yall incase anyone would like some for themselves. So here is a  picture overload of a FEW things she does.

Adorable apron (she makes these in half sizes as well)

Everyone needs a cute dish towel for the kitchen and they are only $8.00!!! These are definitely one of my favorites! Very cute in the bathroom too!!

She has a HUGE variety of onesies and shirts....Boys & Girls

One of her newest projects are these adorable "Fabric Flowers". I wore a black and white zebra one on a black dress Saturday night and I cannot even begin to tell yall how many compliments I received!!! These flowers can be purchased with a hat or headband or you can even purchase the flower alone. You can pin it on a shirt, dress or even a necklace!!

Dont want a flower? How about a bow?!?! Cute huh?

This is only a sample of what she can do. She makes diaper cakes, banners, clothes, pillows, bedskirts.....yall get my point!! The girl has talent!

If you are interested or need a cute gift you can find her on Facebook at Molly Be Designs
Go find her and you can see all her designs! Dont see what you want....shoot her an email. Im pretty sure she would love to "create" with you!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Tuesday Yall!! Did you watch the Bachelorette last night? After last season I once again said I probably would not watch the show ever again but lets be real...who am I kidding?!!?! I could not wait to get home and tune in. I was absolutely starving when I got off work last night so I went and grabbed dinner  before heading to the mall to look for a swimsuit. Ahemmmm...what in the world was I thinking? Better yet I wasnt. I have the hardest time finding swimsuits and after two different stores I finally found ONE that I liked-- it was different from any I have ever purchased. It was a pretty blue...almost a navy but not quite. Anywho I put it on and I must say I loved the color BUT I guess I couldnt get past the chicken sandwich and fries sitting in my mid section!! AHHH...why would I go scarf down all I did before trying on a swimsuit! Needless to say I left empty handed. I guess Ill try looking again later this week.

So after dinner and a wasted trip shopping I hurried home and plopped down at 7:59 exactly (perfect timing). I have to admitt Alli was not one of my favorites last season but Im still excited to see how her journey turns out. Some of the male contestants were pure goof balls! I noticed a few psychos as well. But hey the show would not be same without them right?!?! DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE YET?!?!? Of course I could change as time goes on but from first impressions---- Chris L (from Cape Cod) completely won me over. He was tugging on my heartstrings!! Any man who can put his life on hold and give up things he enjoys in life to move back to his hometown and in with his parents because his mama is ill just speaks volumes!! He said his mom passed a year ago but  he didnt regret any decisions because he spent the last year with her and loving her! AAAHHHH......and you know what they say "boys that love their their wives" or wait maybe thats not it...."boys who treat their mama's good treat their wives good"...anyways  I dont know the saying but...he just seemed very genuine!

Yall have a great day!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Summer

Looks as if Summer has arrived. Yikes it has been pretty hot here but more so HUMID!!! Let me mention that I am not a fan of humidity....nope not at all. One, I have curly hair and it seems like no matter how well I straighten each strand its still bound and determined to frizz up on me.....its also pointless to try and wear makeup--it literally melts off.....its hard to breath and your clothes stick to you. So now that I have made it clear that Im not a fan lets move along. :) Summer is here and minus the humidity in the air Im quite excited!!! Summer is always one of my favorite seasons. I love being outside and spending times with friends and well Summer is the perfect time for this.

This past weekend I spent most of my time outside. One of my besties came in town so Friday night a group of us headed out for Sushi then we headed off to a patio for many GREAT LAUGHS! Bex had 3 different photo shoots this weekend that I helped complaints....we always have fun doing this....I love her creativity and seeing her passion for photography. I tried to get some sun while helping her. I am about as white as piece of paper. Im not really complaining because I have decided that SUPER DARK just isnt for me.....I just want a fresh clean color....sunkissed!! Saturday night we headed off for Mexican (imagine that...haha) with all our girls....well most of our girls.

Heather (black shirt) is preggers with Haven....we cant wait for her to get here!!

Well Monday has greeted us again and I hope that its a fast week!! Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im Alive

I know I have not posted in a while but trust me I have still been reading all of yalls posts daily! There has been so much going on between work and life---but that is another post in itself. I have even been tossing around the idea of shutting this blog down bc well as you can see it has been abandoned for weeks now. Its really just my daily ramblings in life.

Anyways with that being blog is still up and running....just lacking a little attention from me. I wanted to be sure and share with yall though that if you have not purchased and read Angie Smith's book I Will Carry You please stop what you are doing....go to your local bookstore......and grab a copy!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed! I read this book in 2 days....I stayed up both nights until around 1am bc I refused to put it down. You can also visit Angies blog (Im sure you may already follow her) but I know some of my friends dont so incase you do not either stop by and pay her blog a visit!

Angie had her 5th baby girl last night---Charlotte! Im so happy for  the Smith family.

Happy Thursday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Very Big Night

Im so excited to be sharing this news but most importantly Im thrilled for David and Catherine!! As I have mentioned before one of my besties is married to David Nail {for those of you who listen to country music you may know him....if you dont like country...well he sings it} Anyways for you country fans out there {like me ;) } this Sunday at the ACM Awards David has been nominated for single of the year for Red Light!!! YAY!! This is his first nomination and I could not be more excited for him!!

{notice the PW on his guitar......GO read more}

David has a huge heart....and VOICE might I add! He totally deserves this nomination and all the thrill that comes with it!!

His new single is out "Turning Home" great song....great video. David took the video back to his hometown of Kennett MO which is where he calls home. Yall check it out!!

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!!

Fill In The Blank Friday

Happy Friday!! I dont know about yall but Im super excited that the weekend has greeted us! If yall wanna join Fill In the Blank Friday then go HERE and link up.....never hurts to let your blogging friends now more about you.

1) The first thing I do in the morning is hit the snooze button. Yes, I do this for about 30 minutes {Im not a morning person} I then get up use the bathroom and take Lola outside.

2) Every night before bed I wash my face....set my alarm and turn on my Tv until I cant keep my eyes open any longer.

3) My favorite thing to do when Im having a bad is well it really depends on the day and how bad. Lets see...somedays I may want to come home...crawl in the bed with my doggies and turn on my favorite movie. Sometimes I just want to paint or do something crafty. Other times I may want to go shopping with friends.....I guess it just depends on my mood but I usually do one of these.

4) Something that makes me cringe would be snakes and mice. Yikes....just the thought makes my toes curls. yuck yuck yuck!!!

5) Social Situations make me happy!! I love interacting with people!!

6) I like to collect cookbooks!! I also have a huge collection of pictures.....I love pictures!!!! I also have a huge collection of crosses.

7) Weekends are for doing whatever it is I want!! Sometimes I want to do nothing and flat out relax.....other times I want to work on projects or just get out and about.

Hope yall have a WONDERFUL weekend!!