Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I'm saying this loud & are my New Years Resolutions.....that I'm STICKING to!
1. A healthy me!! Im going to work very hard this year at eating well and exercising. Now I have been doing this {even though Ive slacked with the holidays} but 2010 Im going for it....not slacking! Cheers to Health!
2. Daily Devotional time! I read my bible often but I can honestly say that I do not ALWAYS take time daily to spend time in his word!! Ill do really good for weeks but then Ill miss a day or a couple and then it turns into night time reading when Im exhausted. So Im going to find a specific time EVERY day to stop & have a devotional time!
3. Quality time with Family! I love my family but I feel as I get older I seem to get busy.....but I should never be too busy for family! I need to take time and visit and call my family more often.
4. Serving!! I plan to serve as much as I can in 2010. My Bible study girls and I try to serve somewhere at least 2 times a month....I plan to continue this but even find opportunities outside of church to serve. I would LOVE to get some of my girlfriends involved and even certain family members. There are plenty of serving opportunities in and around the city!!
5. Become more organized! Its crazy how Im obsessed with my work being planner being car to be organized...but my house, not so much! Dont get me wrong...I want it to be organized but at the same time it overwhelms me at times. I like it clean and when I say CLEAN I mean wiped down with bleach, washed sheets, vacuumed floors...etc! The problem I have--I before I clean the tub and toilet, I will shove things in drawers and closets. So it appears organized--until you open the drawer. yikes!!
6. Better at Saving!! This is a must!! I have never been very good at SAVING money! Now, I know where my money goes...I know what bills need to be paid and how much. Im truly blessed to have ZERO debt following me around. I do not own credit cards bc I refuse to let debt get a hold of me! However, I do need to start saving the money I do make and stop spending it like a hole is burning in my pocket.
7. Become a better daughter, friend, girlfriend, sister! Now I know that Im not perfect nor will I ever be. I do believe that I can be even better in areas of my life though! I am going to strive this year to be a better daughter {even though my mom tells me Im the best. :) }, friend, girlfriend and sister! There is ALWAYS room for improvement!!
so Friends...there you have it!
My 2010 Resolutions!

Out with the with the new!

WOW...Can yall believe it is almost 2010!!
This year has flown by here but Im not one bit sad that it is leaving. Not that it was a bad year, its just always exciting to have a new year and a fresh start!! Im so bad at making New Years resolutions. Why??? I'll tell you why!!! They sound good the minute I make them but for some reason I NEVER seem to stick to it or for that matter even remeber which resolutions I made. This year...2010....its gonna be different! Im going to make some resolutions and stick to them this year!! Yes, I said it so let see if I can stick to it! Im not ready to share the resolutions...Im still working on my list but I will share as soon as I am certain on my decisions!
To start off my New Year on the right foot, I will be cleaning my closet out this weekend! Im getting rid of stuff in the closet, drawers, you name it...its going! Now, wait one second...NO Im not getting rid of everything but Im pretty sure I wear about 40% of the items in my closet and use about 15% of things stashed in my drawers!! So this weekend Ill be doing some serious downsizing! Ill be sure and share pics Monday, I may just surprise you with my piles!
Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!! God Bless you all!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

This weeks wishful Wednesday topic is......."I WISH SANTA WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED_________ WAS ON MY LIST"

Be sure and head over to Seattle Smith's blog to play along. If you don't want to play then you can head over to show her blog some love....I promise you will love her.

Okay...Kelsey please do not be mad that Im kind of putting my own spin on this but I can honestly say that Santa was TOO GOOD to me this year! He did not forget one thing on my list!! Im sure you are thinking "yeah right" but really....Santa did not let me down this year. Now, dont get me wrong I can think of plenty that I would love to have that I did not get but these items were not on my wish list!! Plus my dad and grandmothers always give me money so Im sure Ill be purchasing whatever I want....even though SAVING it would make more sense.

So what is the ONE thing that was not on my list but I should have put on my list {I just had other important items}. I would have to say a Polar heart rate monitor.

Every time I go to the gym....especially spin, I constantly hear "make sure your heart rate is here....or...make sure its not below 80" Um?!?! can I get some help here? Im not sure where my heart rate is but Im pretty sure its getting ready to explode! Anyways this would allow me to monitor my heart plus tell me how many calories I burned!! Im all about burning some calories so I would love to know the exact number!! So even though Santa did not forget this item....I wish it was something I put on my list...but better yet Ill just use some of my Christmas money to purchase it myself.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is a special day...why you may ask?!?! Ill tell ya why!! Today is Ellie's BIRTHDAY! I cant believe she is 3 years old today. For those of you asking "who is Ellie" sometimes referred to as Ellie Bug, or as her daddy calls her "girlie" she is my dog and a spoiled rotten one at that! She is so stinkin sweet though....everyone who knows her LOVES her. Its kind of hard not to love something as precious as this......

{Ellie's first night home}

{Showing off how cute she is}

The very second I picked her up I FELL IN LOVE with her.....she immediately cuddled into my arms and stole my heart! I was not even looking to buy a dog that night or her breed....I wanted a Yorki and never imagined a little blond Yorki-poo would win me over. I KNEW she was the one. Ellie was a wonderful Valentines present {Thats when I got her}

To this day she is still the biggest cuddle bug...she knows how to turn a rotten day into a good one. She is very very did I mention VERY smart!!! She impresses us all with how smart of a girl she is. Her favorite hobby would be fetching her ball. Who knew an 8lb ball of fur could outrun all the dogs in the neighborhood and catch a ball better than the Labs at the park. She loves the lake and especially golf cart rides! You jingle a key and she is at the door ready to hop in the car {oh and she knows how to roll the windows down} so you mind as well roll them on down and let her hair blow. She is a great big sister to Lola belle and Rebel but don't you dare put Lola's bows in her hair...she will pout until she gets her way. So, as you can see Ellie is very special to me!!

Happy Birthday Ellie


Mommy and daddy!

So good but not good for me!

Oh how I forgot how much I LOVE VANILLA BEAN FRAPPUCCINO'S!! As soon as I took one sip I quickly remembered but then I also had a flashback of why I do not drink them often!! The calories! Hey every girl needs a break every once in a while....especially when Im working hard....right?!?!? So here is to my Grande Non fat Vanilla Bean Frapp! YUM YUM!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Can you tell something is different?

Hey Everyone! So yes, Christmas has come and gone {quickly might I add} so the blog has a new background!! I LOVED my Christmas one but it was time for a change!

So did you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas?!?! I sure did! Lots and Lots of family time. I did a lot of eating too....every time I turned around there was another meal to eat but the good thing about this was every meal was different! Christmas eve we had dinner at Aaron's parents house. His mom has a BEAUTIFUL dining room so we had a nice dinner of beef tenderloin {crazy since I don't eat beef} twice baked potato's, asparagus and salad. Lindsey even made my favorite banana pudding. Then Christmas morning was sausage and gravy biscuits at my moms house...then lunch at my grandmothers which included turkey, dressing, mashed potato's, green beans, and sweet potato casserole. Then Christmas night we went to Aarons cousins house for homemade lasagna and salad and a variety of desserts. YUM!! You think the food ended continued....lets see....more breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.....needless to say I need to hop over to the gym. hah. Hey Christmas comes once a year so you mind as well enjoy!

Okay so we did more than eat! I wish I had my pictured downloaded to show you some of my loo but I have not even sat down to do that! I did however get EVERYTHING I wanted. Ms. Susan even surprised me with one gift I thought I would be purchasing myself

Isn't this strap adorable. I love it!! It for sure adds some flare to my big black camera! My mom over did herself with my stocking and I suprised...Nah...she always seems to do this! Thanks Mom you are the BEST!! So now its time to take all the decor down and Im not very excited. Oh I did however hit up some after Christmas decor sales and loaded up...ill show you my fun finds when I get my pictures downloaded!!

Yesterday was Aarons birthday and we spent the entire day Me, Aaron and his mom painting the Media/Movie/Mans den upstairs!! This room is huge so it was a project but the 3 of us made a great team! Im really excited to see this room completed. I love the color we painted the walls and his mom and I have a few ideas up our sleeves for the room. :)

Well I hope you are all ready for the New Year...It will be here soon!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


So it is finally here...Christmas eve. This year really has flown right by. I hope you are all ready for Christmas...and I feel very sorry for you last minute shoppers....Im so tired of the crowds. Yesterday on my lunch break I had to run to the grocery for one small item and I SERIOUSLY drove around the parking lot for 12 minutes before I ever found a spot...and should I say a spot that someone did not fight or run me over for. Its a parking spot you can have it if it means that much to you...Im not running you over for it. hah!
Im working until noon and then its off for the Christmas festivities! This evening we will have dinner at Aaron's parents house and hang out for a while. Dinner is bound to be delicious bc Aaron is a GREAT cook and his mom is making my favorite...CHEESECAKE! Im sure I will gain 25 pound this Christmas but Ill head right back to the gum January 1st! Later tonight we will go to my moms house and open one gift {pj's} and then watch Christmas Vacation!! This movie has been a family tradition since I was a little girl. I love it! Then its off to bed so Santa can come! Christmas morning my mom makes a HUGE breakfast after we open all our gifts. Then its off to my grandmothers for more gifts and family time. Oh and of course Christmas lunch. {seriously the food never ends} After lunch I usually head home and crawl in always so exhausted but I only nap for a little bit because there is always too much going on....I cant miss out! :)
I have so much to be thankful for and I truly am blessed! I hope and pray that each of you remember all your blessings and the most important gift of all. JESUS CHRIST
Last night my girlfriends and I delivered our gifts to our Christmas in a Red Bag family. This is Christmas for Single Parents. Our parent was a single mom who works a full time job and strives to support her two children. It was so awesome knowing that we were allowed to help her out this year but one thing she said that really stuck out to me is no matter how hard the times are {she just got a pay cut} the Lord provides!! This is so true! Even though times have her down and out she has kept the faith and her family was taken care of this Christmas!!
God Bless and Merry CHRISTmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

I know today is not December 25th but Im not sure I will find time to blog on that day. I have done several posts about my Christmas FAVORITES, wish list, decorations, and traditions but I do realize that Christmas is more than just that. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and it is so easy to get wrapped up in all the fun and festivities but its MORE importantly we need to remember the reason for the season.

The birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of the hope and peace on earth. I cannot imagine life on earth without Jesus as my savior. I have received the best gift yet and the 0ne that keeps on giving......
"....the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" - Romans 6:23
So as we open gifts, sing songs, eat yummy food, and celebrate Christmas, it's so important that we take time to reflect on Jesus' birth and the real meaning of Christmas!! There is more than just the "Jolly ole fellow" that stuffs gifts down your chimney.
I wish everyone and a SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I did it ladies


ladies for yalls wonderful help on the RED polish!!

So I was brave and did it!

I listened to some of my bloggy friends and went with OPI's "Im not really a waitress". I like it!! It reminds me of a candy apple red but its perfect for Christmas!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wonderful Birthday weekend!!

So today is my 26th birthday. I was absolutely spoiled however this weekend and got to celebrate from Friday until today. The picture above is my mom and I ready to head out for dinner Friday night!

These are some of my besties that were able to make dinner Friday. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Spindini's...One of my Favs! We had a very good time and ate until we were stuffed. They have the best lobster pizza. To finish the night, my mom got me a turtle cheesecake. T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! I have to say Im proud of my self I split a piece and that was it. Gosh it sure was good though!

Today is my actual birthday so after church my mom, Aaron and I went and had lunch at another one of my favs...Firebirds. Then I rushed home to get my car and go meet my small group so we could deliver our Christmas in a red bag gifts. Tonight we went to a Christmas concert and had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Needless to say im TIRED of eating! haha. I feel like we ate all weekend. Im off work tomorrow so my mom and I are getting Mani's and pedi's...yay! A girls day.

I had to leave yall with the last two pics of my Ellie Girl! She really needs a haircut but shes so cute fluffy. Problem is she gets matted so easily and I feel so bad brushing the matts. (I know it hurts) She cant get a haircut though until Aunt Lindsay sees her so Lin, Ellie is fluffy and waiting...hurry home so girly can get a trim!!
I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend and has a HAPPY Monday


Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Don't you just LOVE having friends that are sooo good to you? I DO!! This morning when I walked into the office I had a surprise!!! I'm lucky enough to work with one of my bestest friends Candice -- go check out her blog...she is so funny and I promise she will give you a good laugh no matter what her posts are about. Okay so back to the office....I walked in to this

Excuse the mess...I have been busy at my desk this week. My bday is Sunday but I will not be at work Monday so Candice gave me some "happies" today! Gosh I love her! Like I said its so great to have a great friend....even better to work with on!

Lets see the goodies.....

Yum...Homemade sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles and yes I already ate one! haha. delish!! I love the canister too. {Ill be keeping that one}

My card was GREAT....Candice knows me to the "T". I did not get pics of my presents in the bag but I got a yummy Voluspa Candle {Crisp Champagne}, 2 pairs of earrings, and a very cute scarf!!! What a GREAT way to start out a day!!


Happy Friday! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank goodness Tomorrow is Friday! ha!! This week has been a quick one for the most part but Im ready for the weekend. Tomorrow night is my Bday dinner downtown {my birthday is Sunday} and Im so excited..nothing is better than spending a night with friends and family! Thanks to all that are coming out and celebrating with me!! One person will not be there...Lindsay, my boyfriends sister. {Lin if you are reading this I will MISS you but will see you Monday} Lindsay moved to Iowa for school and it has been 5 months since I have seen her. I consider her a sister so I cant wait to hug her neck!!! Love you Lindsay!!!

Im loving the cold weather at this moment....but as soon as Christmas is over I will be over the cold! The cold weather makes this time of year feel just right but I can only take so much before Im miserable. My poor puppies have to freeze every time they go outside and mommy freezes too so their outside time is fast, quick and in a hurry! I would much rather be inside with this view
Aaron has had a fire going for the last few nights and I LOVE it! Nothing is better than a REAL fireplace and the sound of cracking firewood! Not to mention it keeps me warm. I will literally sit with a space heater in my lap {Aaron told me the other night I was gonna catch the couch on fire} but now that the fireplace is being used, the heaters are off! Im not sure what we were watching...maybe it was a commercial....I cant tell. Anyways I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and has completed all their shopping. It will be here before you know it!!

Oh yeah. Remember my "wish list post" a few weeks ago. Well my mom came through on one of my wishes

YAY!! Thank you mama! I love it...all I have to do is figure out where to hang it! Isnt this so cute?!?! I love Bella Vita and EVERYTHING she sells. Go check her out..she even has an online store! {Im not sure if the crosses are online...not all merchandise is}

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's ready for Christmas?!?!

I want to say a big THANK YOU for every ones kind comments about my Christmas tour. I love this time of year {im starting to sound like a broken record} this year however we did not put lights outside nor did we do the stairs. There is more to decorate but what we finished will work this year!! Im hitting up the after Christmas sales to update some of my decor....Im so excited about that! Anyways Thanks again friends for all the comments! Im still going through all the homes that joined the tour...there are so many...but its oh so fun!

So, have you finished your shopping? Im OVER shopping for a while. haha! I love shopping but its not worth dealing with when you have angry people shopping with you...people can be so rude this time of year. They will snatch things from you, go off when the line is too long, run you over with their name it...yikes! What happened to Christmas cheer!!

Lastly, I need some help....I will start by saying that I have never worn red polish ever. I dont consider myself a red kind of girl but for some reason im itching to put red on my nails for Christmas. I went to get my nails done last week and I believe I tried about 12 different reds on a piece of paper.....decisions....decisions. I guess I could not decide and I was not brave enough so I settled for a cranberry red color. I thought I did really good until Aaron brought it to my attention that I needed to go MORE RED! This is what I settled for....

I did not want a fire engine red but I have been wearing LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK for about a month and so as you can tell...I did not branch out that far with color above. hah! Im not sure the name but its a new OPI color. So here is where yall come in handy.....PLEASE...Im begging you PLEASE help me pick a RED polish. What are some of your favorites. Please keep in mind that I have blond eyes and its winter so Im pretty fair complected. Thanks ladies!!! I knew I could count on yall!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Yall! So this year I decided to join in on the Christmas Tour of Homes. Last year I seriously went through every house that joined in so this year I decided to join the fun! I LOVE Christmas decorations....I enjoy decorating and even peeking at everyone elses ideas. So hope you enjoy my tour!!


Come on inside.......

Tree One

Tree Two

The Mantle looks better in person...closeup below

You may be wondering if its scary with no blinds on the windows??? These windows look into the courtyard...but curtains are in the process of being made incase of "peeping Toms"

Hope you enjoyed my tour!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ya wanna know more about me?

Okay I know I already posted today but its Friday so why not post another! One of my friends LA did this post and I thought I would join the fun and tell yall more about me.

Okay before I answer these questions I want to say THANK YOU Candice for your sweet sweet blog post today. Candice is one of my girlfriends who does a BFF post every friday. {I need to do this much fun.} Anyways she is SO SWEET. You can see her post here! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Getting To Know Me!!
1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? - Wrapping Paper! I dont know why but I LOVE wrapping gifts! haha. I am the one who does all the wrapping at Christmas.
2. Real tree or artificial? - Artificial hands down. I personally think they are prettier when decorated plus I dont have to worry about watering it or the annoying little pine needles that fall off. I can burn a pine candle for the smell. :)
3. When do you put up the tree? -That is a good one...usually the day after Thanksgiving...this year it was the weekend before Thanksgiving. I love Christmas decor!!
4. Do you like eggnog? I do not. I dont know why but yuck. Its just thick and ugh...maybe its the thickness I cant get past...I love milk but it almost makes me think of spoiled milk.
5. Favorite gift received as a child? Wow--this is hard. I have several but Ill never forget my barbie house {it was huge and pink} I also remeber how excited I was over my three wheeler--it was one of the powerwheel ones....I think I was about 4 or 5...I stayed outside riding it.
6. Do you have a nativity scene? -I have one small one. I say this every year but I would love to have a BIG one. I love them!
7. Hardest person to buy for? Hands down Aaron's dad! Gotta love him but man its hard. Aaron even asks me each year what to get him.
8. Easiest person to buy for? um... Im going to go with ME! like my mom always says...I can always find something "I just have to have"
9. Mail or email Christmas cards?- MAIL I love getting mail...especially Christmas cards. I even keep them after a box. Its fun to go back and look at them too especially the picture card ones.
10. Favorite Christmas movie? - Christmas Vacation!!!!!!
11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? - It really just depends. I do not have an answer for this one.
12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? - hmm...Christmas dinner {its like Thanksgiving all over again} and my mamas Christmas Breakfast. She makes a WONDERFUL breakfast!
13. Clear lights or colored lights on the tree? - definitely clear lights. Growing up we always had colored but when I was a teenager my mom started doing clear only and that is how I decorate my tree. BUT....whenever I have children one day I will probably put colored lights on their tree/s and leave the clear ones for my more formal tree. Every child loves the colorful lights at Christmas!!
14. Favorite Christmas song? I love Mary Did You Know--so pretty! And Baby Its Cold Outside
15. Travel or stay home at Christmas? Stay home. Im not sure it would feel like Christmas if I wasnt home.
16. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?-yes I can but do we have to do it long as we know Rudolph we are good!
17. Angel on tree top or star? I do not have either. I have colorful glittery stick thingies. {how do yall like that description} Sorry the actual word for them is on the tip of my tongue but we are moving right along....
18. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Morning? I did not know Santa visited some on Christmas Eve....we open Christmas Morning. ;)
19. The most annoying thing about this time of year? -SHOPPERS!! Ahh.

20. What I love most about Christmas? Oh goodness....this question could be the start of a novel. Okay Im keeping it short and sweet! I love spending time with my family and friends. I love giving to others--especially the less fortunate!! Most of all the best part of Christmas is JESUS CHRIST. The birth of our SAVIOR! Its so important to celebrate the real meaning behind Christmas and to not get caught up in what society has made it.
So now yall join in and tell us a bit about your self!!

Hip Hip Hooray Its FRIDAY!

I thought Friday would never get here this week! Do you ever have those weeks? Im excited to shout that today is Friday! Of course its a work day here but its the start of the weekend so that makes it a GOOD day! Im excited because tomorrow morning Aaron, Jamie, baby Brooks and I will be loading the car and heading to Nashville to see one of my besties Catherine. We will be meeting Heather and Nick too so it will be one fun weekend! I love Nashville at Christmas the shopping is much better than any shopping I could do around here but one of the best parts is the Opryland Hotel. ITS BEAUTIFUL. I love all the Christmas decorations!

BEAUTIFUL huh?!?! We have a lot of fun things planned so Ill be sure to take lots of pictures. Im sure most of my pictures will be of this sweet face
I hope y'all have all your Christmas shopping wrapped up. I hope to complete my list this weekend.....the 25th will be here before you know it. Oh and don't forget that Monday is the Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes! Be sure to join her blog and join in on the fun.
Happy Friday!