Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I'm saying this loud & are my New Years Resolutions.....that I'm STICKING to!
1. A healthy me!! Im going to work very hard this year at eating well and exercising. Now I have been doing this {even though Ive slacked with the holidays} but 2010 Im going for it....not slacking! Cheers to Health!
2. Daily Devotional time! I read my bible often but I can honestly say that I do not ALWAYS take time daily to spend time in his word!! Ill do really good for weeks but then Ill miss a day or a couple and then it turns into night time reading when Im exhausted. So Im going to find a specific time EVERY day to stop & have a devotional time!
3. Quality time with Family! I love my family but I feel as I get older I seem to get busy.....but I should never be too busy for family! I need to take time and visit and call my family more often.
4. Serving!! I plan to serve as much as I can in 2010. My Bible study girls and I try to serve somewhere at least 2 times a month....I plan to continue this but even find opportunities outside of church to serve. I would LOVE to get some of my girlfriends involved and even certain family members. There are plenty of serving opportunities in and around the city!!
5. Become more organized! Its crazy how Im obsessed with my work being planner being car to be organized...but my house, not so much! Dont get me wrong...I want it to be organized but at the same time it overwhelms me at times. I like it clean and when I say CLEAN I mean wiped down with bleach, washed sheets, vacuumed floors...etc! The problem I have--I before I clean the tub and toilet, I will shove things in drawers and closets. So it appears organized--until you open the drawer. yikes!!
6. Better at Saving!! This is a must!! I have never been very good at SAVING money! Now, I know where my money goes...I know what bills need to be paid and how much. Im truly blessed to have ZERO debt following me around. I do not own credit cards bc I refuse to let debt get a hold of me! However, I do need to start saving the money I do make and stop spending it like a hole is burning in my pocket.
7. Become a better daughter, friend, girlfriend, sister! Now I know that Im not perfect nor will I ever be. I do believe that I can be even better in areas of my life though! I am going to strive this year to be a better daughter {even though my mom tells me Im the best. :) }, friend, girlfriend and sister! There is ALWAYS room for improvement!!
so Friends...there you have it!
My 2010 Resolutions!


Candice Pair said...

I love you Leigh and you are a wonderful friend to me! All your resolutions sound great and I know that you will succeed at all of them! Thank you for the sweet comment on my are such a great friend! I love you so much!! Have a safe New Year and I'll talk to you next week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, love your list! Hope you have a Blessed New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Your list is great! I am feel the same!! For sure, its a must! you can do it all!!!! :-) Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Love your New Year resolutions Leigh. I know you can stick to them. I love keeping up with your blog. Ellie bug is getting so big!!! Hoping to see you soon. We need to plan a girls trip to Nashville to visit Cat. A wedding reunion, persay. Tell Aaron I said hello. Happy New Year!!!!

Leah said...

I loved reading your resolutions. I have similar goals for 2010.

Have a very happy new year!