Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lets Talk Stockings

Since it is December and everyone is shopping and getting ready for Christmas, I thought I would do a little Christmas post! Now I KNOW Christmas is not about the gifts we give or receive. I also realize that the meaning of Christmas gets lost in all the fun of Santa. I will blog later about all that. Right now lets talk Stockings!

Okay I don't know about your family but my family is ALL ABOUT STOCKINGS! A family tradition we have is to open all our gifts {from immediate family} on Christmas morning. So of course Santa leaves us stockings full of fun. Honestly I did not really realize until last year that not everyone gets excited about stockings and not everyone has a stocking full of fun stuff.

Well Guess what.....MY STOCKING HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN!! hah! The stockings hanging on our mantle are not the ones we dig into on Christmas morning. Why you may wonder?!?! Well bc the ones filled with goodies on Christmas morning are BIG and well....kinda not cute. My mom always said you could get more in the ones we use for Christmas morning...not the ones hanging as a decoration.

So, now what makes my stocking a big deal?!?! My mom recently told me that her stocking growing up was filled with apples and oranges. What?!?! I'm sure some your families still do this...I have asked friends about this and never realized that this is what is in their stockings. My stocking is filled with random stuff. You never know what may be in the toe of that stocking!!! A new pair of earrings, necklace, perfume, bag of name it, it could be in there. That is what makes it so much fun in my opinion.....I never know what I may pull out. Sometimes a CD or a movie....maybe a piece of jewelry I wanted. Whatever it is my stocking stuffed to the brim with goodies.

Would I be sad if I had an empty stocking? Would I be sad if I got oranges?? NO...bc that is not what it is about. But one of my family traditions has always been full stockings that we open first thing....we open them before our gifts. Usually we already know what our gift/s will be bc we pick them out. Usually its a BIG item we wait all year for so its never really a surprise but like I said my stocking is always full of surprises.

So what is in your Stockings?!?!?!


Go East Memphis Mama said...

Mine is the same way! Lip gloss and small body splashes or lotions...I love it:) Although one year my Dad did them and we all got travel stuff like deodorant and toothpaste hahahaha!!! After that we made sure someone else was in charge of stocking:)

Candice Weeks said...

Growing up my stocking was always just full of candy! And my parents would add apples, oranges, walnuts, and those candy orange slices in there too because that is what they got in theirs growing up so it was something they could share with us. I never knew people got gifts in their stockings while growing up! ha!

The Wilburns said...

Goodies! I put all kinds of smaller treats in their for the girls as well. Every year they all get a monogrammed cup and cute plate in their stockings and they love it! It is something for them to look forward to!

rachelC said...

my momma does that for us every year, my dad used to but quit once I got married.
We get stockings on Matt's side every year too!

I love that part! I do the same thing with Matt and Coen too!

Elizabeth said...

I always love getting socks and etc...things I never like to buy myself, but added goodies are always great such as on the go make-up stuff, and some fun craft ideas! :-)

Candice Pair said...

Stockings are my favorite part too! My parents never put fruit or candy in there either but Ive come to realize that its probably more common! Ours always had smaller gifts like cds or movies, makeup, lotion, bath products, things like that. It was always my favorite because you never really knew what would be in there! I know I told my mom that I wanted the Home Alone movies this year bc I still only have them on VHS haha!

capperson said...

We have our stockng filled with all kinds of fun goodies also, but we arent allowed to open them until after we open presents :)