Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Very Random Post

Hey Everyone! So I don't really have anything interesting to blog about but I haven't blogged in a few days so I though I should at least say HI! Of course I have read all your blogs but I just haven't had anything exciting really to talk about.
THANKS For all the sweet comments on my trees. I love decorating and I LOVE decorating for Christmas...So much fun. If I had tons of money I would decorate EVERY room with a tree. :) They would all be different too! I'm going to do the Nester's Tour of homes...if you don't know about it go visit her blog here. Be sure to join in...it will be fun. I love seeing every ones Christmas decor...even the simple decor.

Well lets see...this past weekend was busy and fun. I have 2 different angel families to shop for this year so I spent ALL Saturday shopping. Yes, I'm about to say this....On Saturday I was convinced that I may never step foot in Target again. haha! There I said it!!! Now don't let me lie to you....I will step foot in Tarjay again {love that place} however on Saturday I spent hours there and was totally over it when I left. Thank goodness my bestie Heather was with me to keep me sane. It was so hard shopping for the little ones. There are SO many toys that I was just overwhelmed. Also, their wish lists were not "specific" for ex...it would say board games. Okay being the type of "perfectionist" that I am, I started freaking out thinking "what if they have the game" or "what game do they want the most". Good gracious it shouldn't be that hard. I finally chose one. haha! Yall get my point though...my shopping experience was pretty much like that all day long. I did however get some GREAT DEALS. Listen to this....I forgot what kind of deals you can get at Kohls. Kohls sent me a $10.00 gift card in the mail so I was sure to stop by and see what I could find....I spent $23.00 and SAVED $72.00!!! I was so EXCITED!!! That's a deal!! I got a pair of $50.00 shoes for $8.00. Thank goodness all my shopping is finished...I can sit back and enjoy my weekends. This weekend we are headed to Nashville and the next weekend is my birthday. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!! It cold, dark and wet here. I have a gym appt with my trainer then Im off to the couch for some Biggest Loser!! Tonight is the finale...be sure to grab your kleenex. {I always cry} hah!

Happy Monday!


kass09 said...

Don't ya just love those Kohl's deals???? reminds me I need to head over and check them out myself this wkend :o). My family goes around school time for all the kids and get GREAT deals it's nuts! Have a great day and fun in Nashville!

Elizabeth said...

I watched the Biggest Loser last ngiht....it was wonderful. Love the weekend updates! :-)