Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Wishlist

I think its safe to say its time to really think about what I want for Christmas!! :) NO need to wait until the last minute! Speaking of....I really need to start my shopping. My list is not long at all this year...I usually buy whatever I want for myself so sometimes when it comes to Christmas gifts I have the hardest time deciding what to tell people. Personally I LOVE gift cards {to my favorite stores} Most people do not like to give them bc of the whole "not personal or thoughtful" thing but I disagree. I think its so THOUGHTFUL when someone gives you money to your FAVORITE store. What a wonderful know it will be used on something special...right? Okay my BIG gift has been purchased...remember my post a few days camera!! There are a few things left that I would love to have so here they are......I would love an adorable strap for my new camera!! What ya think?!? Not this exact pattern but you get the idea. I have found tons of cute ones on

I LOVE the cross in the picture above...I love the frames too but I really really really want one of the crosses!! One of my Favorite stores sales these Bella Vita. They are not on her online store but head over and check her website out....Love the store!!

Lastly, I want a pair of Cowgirl boots!! haha! I have a pair but they are not genuine leather...I bought them from a boutique about 2 years ago. I think they are adorable with certain dresses and a cute pair of jeans!!

So that is my wish list! Pretty simple!! So what are some yalls wish list items?!?! Let me know if you post about them so I can go see.

Happy Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh, Good Morning! I loved your Christmas List! I love gift cards and I totally agree with you: I don't think they are "not personal or thoughtful" at all. I'm going to post my Christmas Wish List today, so stop by later to check the items, okay?! Have a Blessed Day!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Good Christmas list! I'm with ya on the gift cards...I personally LOVE to be able to go to a store and choose what I want!

And those cowgirl boots are so super cute!

kass09 said...

Did you secretly read my mind girl lol???? I totally did this same post before I saw yours and then I saw yours and was like wait..Leigh did it today too, HOW cool lol! What can I say great minds think alike lol ;o)! Have a great day girl!
ps. totally love giftcards too! SO the best Christmas gift!

Elizabeth said...

I love your wish list!! I just got boots a few weeks ago and LOVE THEM!!!

Leah said...

I totally agree with you about the gift cards. I love getting them! I would like to have some cowgirl boots too!

Have a great night!