Friday, December 4, 2009

Precious Baby Boy

I just have to share an adorable picture that Jamie {one of my best friends} took of her baby boy {my nephew}. For those who follow my blog regularly this little face is not new to may have even read my blog the day he was born....I was there ALL DAY in the room with his mama. I wouldn't have missed it for anything! Brooks is one lucky little boy...he is the first born out of our group of girlfriends so you can only imagine how spoiled he is with all his Aunts!! So here is a picture of my little candy cane!

In case you cant tell he already loves the beach! hehe! While Im at it Ill share even more pictures! Can you tell I LOVE this little boy!! How could you not...look at this little face.
I have a feeling that he will get his way for the rest of his life with that little lip! He always starts a fuss with the pout....then comes the sound and tears!

{Jamie very preggers with Brooks}

{Sweet baby boy with his Mama}

{Me getting my lovie time...excuse the no makeup}


brooks graier


Blair said...

I love the name Brooks!! He's precious!

krislyn. said...

Such a cutie. I am sure bless him with so much. So, neat to see the different season's of life people are going through!

Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute! Have a Blessed Day!

Iva said...

omg!! what a cutie..and that is one totally awesome name!!