Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the with the new!

WOW...Can yall believe it is almost 2010!!
This year has flown by here but Im not one bit sad that it is leaving. Not that it was a bad year, its just always exciting to have a new year and a fresh start!! Im so bad at making New Years resolutions. Why??? I'll tell you why!!! They sound good the minute I make them but for some reason I NEVER seem to stick to it or for that matter even remeber which resolutions I made. This year...2010....its gonna be different! Im going to make some resolutions and stick to them this year!! Yes, I said it so let see if I can stick to it! Im not ready to share the resolutions...Im still working on my list but I will share as soon as I am certain on my decisions!
To start off my New Year on the right foot, I will be cleaning my closet out this weekend! Im getting rid of stuff in the closet, drawers, you name it...its going! Now, wait one second...NO Im not getting rid of everything but Im pretty sure I wear about 40% of the items in my closet and use about 15% of things stashed in my drawers!! So this weekend Ill be doing some serious downsizing! Ill be sure and share pics Monday, I may just surprise you with my piles!
Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!! God Bless you all!!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Happy new year Leigh!

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year to you my dear!!! I am looking forward to 2010.... but still trying to reflect on this year, as I am trying to move forward to the year to come...I look forward to seeing photos of all your clothes...I feel that same way when it comes to downsizing!! totally need too!! Good Luck!