Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well my title says it all!!! Today is in fact Sunday and what a FUN DAY it has been. This morning I went to church...HIGHPOINT...with my mama, Aaron, Nick, Heather,Kristie, and Becka. After church we had our after church argument over where to eat...haha....seriously this is every Sunday. Anyways after lunch my Mom and I went to the Helen Brett show which was so much fun. I bought some wonderful and some home decorations. Aaron has been making fun of me for a month now because I insist on putting out the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas time and the feel in the air. So...............guess what...........I bought some Christmas decorations at the show and placed them in the living room. Now this mess is not going anywhere so I am hoping he will get tire of looking at it and pull the tree and everything else out of the attic. Once he does this, I will happily put everything in a nice neat place. Hopefully by this weekend he will have it all out for me!!! after the show Mom and I ran to Fresh Market to buy dinner for eight people. Aaron and I cooked for some of our friends...well mostly my girlfriends and Nick. We had way too much food. Chicken and Steak Kabobs, baked potato's, salad and cookies for dessert (thanks Kristie). Dinner was yummy and we even ate by the fire! I love my boyfriend....he has to be one great guy to put up with me and ALL my besties! We come as a package and he has learned to deal! Today was great but I am exhausted and off to bed. Hope everyone had a safe & wonderful weekend!


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