Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four Christmases

My title says it all. Four Christmases is hilarious!! Aaron and I joined Heather and Nick the other night for dinner and a movie. I love Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, so I knew this movie would be great---it's so funny. I think Aaron and I started laughing the second it started all the way until the end. Go see it---you will love it!

So I'm going to New York for my Birthday--the weekend before Christmas. I have been wanting a new my wonderful boyfriend bought me the exact one I wanted and gave it to me early so I will have it for our trip. Yay! I cant wait to try it out---I love photography and y'all that know me, know I ALWAYS have my camera. THANK YOU AARON!!!

Today we got up early and went shopping. Me, Aaron, Mama and my cousins. Yes Aaron went. He is such a trooper. Actually he likes shopping, I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm lucky. Anyways after a long day of shopping we went to dinner with a couple of our friends. We had dinner at Bonefish. BANG BANG SHRIMP! (enough said). Tomorrow we are going to church and then hopefully putting out the outdoor Christmas decorations. Hope everyone's weekend has been wonderful.


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Jennifer and Matthew said...

Hey girl. One of the owners of a shopping center i manage just came in and it made me think of you. His name is George Lotterhos. I know you know his son and daughter in law. The other owner of the same center is Aaron's dad. Small world huh?? :) I don't know Ken very well but I love George! Everyone else in the office loves Ken too. Anyways, just thought I'd share. :)