Saturday, November 15, 2008

So I Wasnt Born to Clean!

Well anyone who knows me is fully aware that I love things organized. Its the "doing it" part that is interesting. I feel best when things are clean and organized but I believe I suffer from some sort of cleaning A.D.D. Getting started is so hard. I look at a mess and rather than taking care of it, I watch it grow. My mom has always told me that I suffer from A.D.D. when it comes to a child she would send me to my room to clean and an hour later she said I would still be sitting on the floor staring at the mess. I would be so overwhelmed. She would literally put me in a corner and tell me "start here". With a bit of guidance I could do it. So.......I know you are wondering where this is going. Today, I come home from shopping with Aaron for Christmas decorations to find that Kristie had organized and cleaned my room and closet. My room was not that bad but my closet was a HOT MESS. I wish I had pictures of the before but here is what I walked into...............

Now I know it still looks cluttery but I just dont have enough room for all my junk. My closet is actually big but I still can't fit everything in there as you can see. My jeans/pants are in the guest room closet. Thanks to Kristie my closet is a breath of fresh air and I can actually find something to wear!!!

This would be Kristie! haha

So after realizing she spent her morning cleaning my mess....I decided to clean the rest of the house. This could have been a bad idea. Yes my dogs are spoiled and they have their own room...which I decided to clean. I picked up all the toys and beds and decided to give the floor a good mop. Well little did I know the mess I was getting ready to create. I would have hid this mess but Kristie came stumbling down the stairs to be my first witness. And this is what she found..........

....................a big soapy mess!!!! The suds just kept happening. I tried to rinse the mop and add water but...nope....more suds. So I decided to just get buckets.....yes bucket"s" of water and soak the room down. By this time Kristie came to the rescue before my mess became even more of an issue..........several buckets of water and eight bath towels later.....the floor was spick and span! Now, The dogs better enjoy because I am not sure I will be doing this again.

Enough about cleaning! Tonight I have all my besties at the house except for Catherine. We are watching Sweet Home Alabama and who knows what else. Aaron is cooking us homemade Tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese sandwiches...yum yum. So off to girls night I go. Everyone have a wonderful evening!!!!! Oh and if anyone is looking for a church....HIGHPOINT!!!! We will all be there in the morning. I love this church and look forward to becoming a member soon. Okay! Night!

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Carrie said...

Yay! I didn't even know y'all went to Highpoint. We can't wait for you to join.