Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So not like myself!

I am so proud to say I have almost all my Christmas shopping complete. Usually I am a last minute person but not this year. I don't really know what my deal is---but I am not complaining. There are a few gift I want to look for in New York. Yes Lindsay ALL your presents will be from NY. :) I don't enjoy buying gifts do to the fact that it can be so hard to find the most perfect present and yes I feel like I HAVE to find the most perfect one. Don't get me wrong I love giving---just not finding! My favorite part of buying Christmas presents is WRAPPING! Yep you heard right! Wrapping is my favorite. I purchased the cutest paper (I will post pics later). My wrapping theme this year is red with silver polka dots and green with lime greens designs. Lindsay and I bought matching paper this year so the gifts under the tree will be beautiful! :)
I started my wrapping this weekend but still have a few gifts that I am waiting on--I had to order a few.

So for the last few months I have felt blah off and on. I really cant explain the feeling but just not quite myself. Sometimes my body aches, my head hurts, nauseous and then this weight gain. Yes weight gain....granted I don't eat or exercise the way I should but gosh the pounds keep coming and don't seem to be going when I do start to eat better or exercise more. So yesterday I went to the Doctor and told her my problem. For starters she changed my medicine bc she said it can cause weight gain. The biggest news during my visit was her actual concern about my weight and her questioning my THYROID. So my Dr tells me that my last blood work four yrs ago showed my thyroid being right on the line of questionable. Now I do not get all the Dr slang but basically she believes my thyroid is our of whack! So she did some blood work and I should hear some results within the next few days. Such a relief to know my metabolism has not totally stopped working. She said its very common and no biggie....just a small pill and my thyroid will get back to normal and so will my weight and all the other symptoms I have had. Anyways what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger....just glad to know whats going on.

So today I am back to work but wishing I was in bed. This weather makes my comfy bed call my name. So until I can get home and in my PJ's, I will sip on my McAlisters sweet tea and catch up on my work. Hope everyone is having a great day---be careful if you are out in this rain!

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Carrie said...

I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope they can diagnose the problem soon. I am so jealous you are almost finished shopping...I'm a little behind this year! Can't wait to hear about your trip...let's get together before Christmas.