Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slacking a tad much?

Well I know I have been completely off the blogging radar! Since the Holidays are behind us I am going to try and play catch up. First off--the weekend before Christmas, Aaron took me to New York for my birthday. We had a great time and oh I can't forget it snowed the entire time! I loved all the shopping but I believe I enjoyed all the Christmas decoration better. We had tons of great food but I guess my favorite would have been my bday dinner at Tavern on the Green, this place was beautiful.
I loved all the lights at Tavern--this was my bday view during dinner. After dinner Aaron had the Chef make me a birthday cake...this cake was a bit much for two but man was it yummy!!
I could have overdosed on sugar. Earlier in the day we stopped into Magnolia bakery and picked up a cupcake!

I can honestly say this was a wonderful birthday. I love New York!

Okay so then we had Christmas. What a great time family and friends. I must have been good because Santa was good to me! :)

My precious Mama and Jane

Once Christmas was over I barely had time to rest. Heather, Nick, Aaron and I went to New Orleans for the weekend. We headed down on Friday and came home on Sunday after the Saints game. This trip was interesting. I must say the game and company was great...the city not so much. This place was so dirty!!!!
Last but not least.....Yesterday was my Ellie Bug's second birthday. Yes my puppies are rotten! Last night we had dinner and cake. This year Ellie had to share her cake with Lola Belle (not so sure she liked that). Ellie and Lola are best friends but Ellie was re-thinking the new sister thing when she realized she had to share her food too.

Well that's all for now! Hopefully I will not wait so long next time to update!

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