Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe and happy one. Well as for New Year resolutions.....I NEVER make them. I choose not to only because I know I will not keep them. I always seem to think of the same ones every year too.....its really funny how everyone picks resolutions and generally forget about them after several weeks into the new year. For those of you that have made a list....GOOD LUCK....seriously I hope you stick to it! :)

Tonight we had a girls trip to Target so I could buy a book shelf and Jewelry dresser. I have some nice jewelry and then I have some cheap jewelry. My main problem is I tend to lose more than I wear so tonight I bought a good size piece of furniture to organize my jewelry in. So...I guess you could say that is something I am going to work on this year. ORGANIZATION. Organization makes me sane. When things are nice and neat I feel great....when things are chaotic I feel overwhelmed. Once I put my bookshelf together, I organized all my books. I even managed to clean out all the drawers in my desk. Wow---I told Kristie I was going to organize my room and she said she could not believe the words that came out of my mouth. hahah! I really am a clean freak I just have to do it on my own terms. I am starting 2009 with a fresh clean start. Im going back blond! No more brown hair for me! I just don't quite feel like myself with brown hair. So I'm going blond and starting to work out! (Kristie--don't let me slack) Tonight while at Target we got a workout video....we can do this together outside of cardio! Well I said I don't make resolutions but it looks like I am trying to start 2009 off to a good start.

Oh...and I actually shocked myself this past weekend. I know I am a little late but---I read the entire Twilight book this weekend. Ok, you may be wondering why I am shocked? Let me explain. I am not into vampire..sci-fi...harry get the idea...books/movies. Anyways everyone keeps talking about how great these books are and how great the movie was. Candice, my friend i work with has read the book and is actually reading the entire series. She has seen the movie three times and is ready to go again! So curiosity got the cat---I gave in and bought the book. I was into the third chapter when I realized that I could not put the book down. I chose the book bc I heard its better than the movie. I loved the book so much that it looks like Candice has a date for her fourth time seeing the movie. So if you are looking for good reading go grab the book.....while you are there get the entire series!

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LawsonsMommy said...

OMG Leigh I love them too! SO much! I may read all 4 of them again. They are addicting!