Friday, January 23, 2009

A MINOR in a world of MAJORS

So yesterday to say the least was not the best day. I have been fighting a virus all week long. So yesterday after lunch I decided to run home and take some medicine and check my temperature. Well I did not have fever but (I did last night) anyways since I did not have a fever I headed back to the office. As I am getting off of the interstate a young girl slams into the back of my car. MY NEW CAR!!! I immediately start crying because I was just not having a good day. I was okay and so was the girl that ran into car had minor damage...hers a little more. The girl has insurance and the police wrote a report so it will all be taken care of. My POINT is....on my way back to work I just started crying again (I promise Im really not emotional) but yes I started crying and I thought of something I told the girl that ran into my car. She felt really bad and kept saying "im so so sorry". I told her "its ok its a minor in a world of majors". You know...this is so true. I started thinking...yeah I have had a virus...yeah my stomach hurts...but you know, it will get better. Yes, my car is damaged but it to will be fixed. Yes, Im late getting back to the office but it too will be okay. Thinking of what could be worse...I could not have a job, the virus I had could have been worse or life threatening, and my car is fixable and everyone was okay. So at that moment I just stopped and said a prayer for anyone hurting, lost, or broken.

I checked Kelly's blog this morning and baby Harper is improving by the minute. She still needs prayers and the lord needs praising for the wonders he is doing in this little girls life. She has no idea.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad everyone is okay! And I just noticed I accidently stole your background. OOPS.

Rachel Lynn said...

Amen sister! Glad you both were ok.. Hope you start to feeling tons better! Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I tagged you in my blog! :)