Friday, January 9, 2009


Okay. I know I have mentioned in previous posts that I am reading the Twilight series and I may even have a slight obsession. Well I can promise you I know someone more obsessed than myself. Candice, the one who introduced me and convinced me give the series a try, believes that she is Mrs. Edward Cullen herself. Shes reading the series and not to mention has seen the movie three times going on to the fourth...oh and listens to the soundtrack at work all day. hahah! Well Im sitting at work here on this Friday just waiting for 5:00 when all of the sudden I receive an email and this is what I saw.........................................

Candice is a hoot! I must say my days at work would be very lonesome if I did not have such a great friend to work with.

Hope everyone has a great Friday night! Be safe! xoxox


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

We have a list of churches to try, and Highpoint is actually one of them! I want us to take our time and try a few out until we are both comfortable, you know? Anyways, I'll let you know when we come!