Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I would like to say that I am so happy my shows are back on TV. First off I LOVE.........

Yes....the Bachelor! Oh and Jason! He is precious. So yes Monday night I was glued to the television. I was so upset last season when DeAnna let him go. I just knew she would pick him but in the end he was the lucky one.....he did not need her. Even if you are not a Bachelor fan, you should watch on Monday nights...this season will be good! Of course I have to get a dose of the biggest Loser also. I love the end results the most. Im not really sure of my favorites yet on these shows but here in the next week or two I will know.

Im missing the Hills but loving the City! Now on to Bromance. Really? Brody are you kidding? Im not so sure about this show. I have to admit though I catch a few episodes. Only to see this... dose of Mr. Brody Jenner. I just wish the show wasnt so silly. Oh well I get a good laugh! Tonight will be all about Football though...go FLORIDA! Hope everyone has a wonderful night. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! xoxox

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