Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! So back to Fill in the blank Friday. If you wanna play too go here to join the fun.

1) Today Im wearing jeans and a tshirt. Fridays are casual days at work so I take full advantage of it.

2) My favorite childhood food was mac & cheese and my favorite now is oh I dont think I could choose ONE specific things. I love food and Im definitely not picky. Just leave out the onions please and thank you.

3) A day that Im too busy to blog is a day that im too busy.

4) The last movie I saw was Dear John  and the next movie I want to see is Remember Me.

5)My favorite smell is vanilla and fresh laundry.....but not together. ha! bc vanilla smells so yummy. Fresh laundry is so clean and refreshing. I love curling up with a good clean blanket!

6) A weird little quirk I have is drinking out of glasses at restraunts. Weird I know....."straw please". a straw is a must when drinking out of a glass.

7) When I take a personality quiz they always say Im exactly the way I am. haha. Honestly I forget what they say but I usually think they are dead on. Sorry that doesnt say much for yall that do not know me!

Happy Friday! Lindsay, I told you I was working on a post. :) However Im sure this post will not excite you much....and no pictures of your favorite girlie!


Elizabeth said...

I love that it is FRIDAY!!!! I think the same when it comes to the glasses at restaurants!! Ahhhhhh..I always ask for a straw... Enjoy your weekend!!

capperson said...

I am also the same with the glasses. I can not bring myself to drink out of them. I have to have a straw. Glasses at my own house are fine, but at resturaunts, no maam!
I also hate it when your really thirsty and the waitress/waitor runs off before you can ask them for a straw..ugh hate it!

Yani said...

the scent of vanilla is always one pf my preferred scents because yeah it is yummy!

awww, i havent watched Dear John it any good?

have a great weekend!*♥*

Brandi said...

I'm so with you on the straws when drinking. I want to see Remember Me movie too. Loved Dear John!!!Also, Nicholas Sparks' new movie, The Last Song comes out on March 31st. Such a good book. Can't wait to see it.

Heather said...

I love these questions! So fun to hear the answers, hope you have a great weekend!