Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday

Monday has greeted us all once again. This weekend was pretty laid back with not much going on which is fine by me. Friday night Aaron and I cooked dinner and had his parents over for a yummy meal!! We had pork chops, twiced baked potato's, green beans, and salad. I made an attempt to make red velvet truffles!! Let me tell you--we were all in a hurry to try them so I put them together and did not really give them a chance to cool off in the fridge so my first bite was not great. BUT....the next day {after they had been in the fridge all night} I tried another one and they were YUMMY!!! I guess they really are not something to be rushed so next time I make them I will keep that in mind.
Saturday I got to visit with two of my girlfriends {one that I have not seen in a while} we had lunch at a place on the town square. Nothing better than a veggie plate....southern style. Great food and great company always makes a great day. My great day did not stop there....I then headed to get a pedicure {much needed} and my nails done. I have a confession!!! Im a nail biter. Yuck!! Ever since I was a young girl I would bite my nails or rip needless to say my natural nails are not pretty and horribly short! So back to the solar nails I went. Pink and white acrylic makes me happy.

After a lovely day at the nail salon and getting pampered I had a date night with my LOVE and my best friend Heather and her hubby Nick!! We decided to eat at Bonefish and the place was packed! They told us an hour to an hour and a half wait....thank goodness Aaron is on top of things....we were sitting within 15-20 minutes of being there. He is known for pulling strings or finding ways. haha!! Leave it to him!

After dinner I attempted to watch Times Traveler's wife but apparently I left Aaron to do it all on his own. I fell asleep! Of course I woke up as soon as the movie was ending....Aaron said from now on HE picks the movie because Im going to sleep through it anyways. oops! haha! He is such a trooper and ALWAYS lets me pick the movies. But then again I have to watch his baseball and golf {I love baseball just not on TV and golf is oh so boring to me}

Sunday was relaxing. I had lunch with my mama and we did some shopping. Then Aaron and I took our furbabies to the park to burn some energy!! They both needed baths so we figured it was pretty and we would let them get filthy before we bathed them.

That pretty much summed up my weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful one and are ready for this Monday....its here!!


Laura Brown said...

I love your nails!! I desperately need to get mine done!

Claire said...

I, too, have been a nail-biter all my life. It's my nervous habit. I have been about 6 months without biting them though and I really don't know how I did it!

sHp said...

Your nails look so pretty :) I used to get mine done, but could never keep them looking that great! Happy Monday!

Elizabeth said...

Your nails look fabulous! And I love Bonefish! Their Bang Bang shrimp is my favorite. Have you seen The Time Traveler's Wife before? It was so much more sad than I had anticipated.
Anywhoo, it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!
Check out my recent blog post when you get a chance- I tagged you for an award!


Jennifer said...

You need to post the recipe for red velvet truffles. That sounds amazing!

WestSacHoney said...

Ahh Pink & Whites how I miss you so.. I took mine off after wearing them for 8 months so I'm natural nails for now because I'm a biter too.. really bad.. But I haven't done it yet so far.. well one finger.. I'm really trying not too.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love your nails!! So pretty!! They are great! I got my nails done too!! Glad you had a nice weekend!!

Brittany said...

Sounds like you had such a great weekend! Sadly, I'm a nail biter too and have been for as long as I can remember :-( I think I'm getting a pedicure on Saturday so maybe I'll get my nails done too! Yours look so good! :-)

Katie said...

red velvet truffles!? Please post the recipe!!

I bite my nails too..unfortunately. My husband tries to help stop me when he sees it, but no success yet..