Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life-- Collections

Happy Friday!! Woohoo! This Friday at Kelly's Korner we are discussing Collections. Lets see when I first read this I thought "I dont collect a thing" but then I got to thinking really hard and realized that I do collect a few things. Head on over to Kelly's page and play along!!

One of the most recent things I started collecting would be RECIPES. I really do enjoy cooking and even more I enjoy new recipes. Lately I have been collecting recipes online and from some of my favorite cookbooks. Usually after I cook a meal Ill ask Aaron is it a "make again"? That is how I determine if its a keeper or not. I have been on a mad search for a cute recipe box but I have yet to find one that fits my personality. haha! I want a cute one.....not a plain one or a clear plastic one so if yall know where to find a super cute one please let me know.

Okay another thing I collect would be giraffe's. Crazy I know!! I love giraffes and always have. Now I do not go OVERBOARD with the giraffe stuff but you will find some giraffe print in the house. The collection of giraffes would mainly be in stuffed animals. Yes Im in my late 20's but I have been doing this since middle school and still have every single one! I place them in a huge box in the attic and plan on placing them in a playroom one day when I have children. I do not want to over kill a nursery with tons of giraffes...maybe a few will go in the room but Im sure Ill put the majority in the play room in a toy chest or on shelves. Im not sure where this collection started from but I do have quite a few. The last giraffe I purchased was last year at Anthropology...he was too cute to pass up. Here he is below.

So there is a peak at my collections! Have a HAPPY Friday!


Beth McC. said...

Your blog os precious!! Where did you get that recipe book?? I love recipe's and I love putting them in cute boxes and books! Thanks for sharing!

Lesli said...

Awe.. love your giraffe...he is so stinkin cute!! Oh and maybe you should share some of your recipes with us.. I am so not good at!! Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

Ashley said...

Great idea collecting recipes! That is something I need to be doing girlfriend!!!

Jessica said...

I always ask my husband if my new recipes are "keepers" too! :)

And I LOVE giraffes!! My grandma painted the sweetest picture of a Mom and baby giraffe and it is going to hang in my future baby nursery!


I've recently just begun to collect recipe on recipe cards. I just love the feel of it. And giraffes have always been my favorite animal at the zoo. To me, this may be crazy, but they just seem so elegant! LOL! I hope you have a great weekend! -April