Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally an Engagment

Okay I have exciting news but some you may not find this as exciting.....haha! There has finally been an engagment and no Im not talking about me!! Im talking about this adorable couple

About time Joel popped the question! :) Im not sure about yall but I think Nicole and Joel are so cute....they fit each other perfectly and not to mention have two beautiful babies. My friend Candice and I think that little Miss Harlow is so precious and we are big fans of Nicole...I just love that she seems so "true" to herself...she's not afraid to be herself {hence the crazy things that come out of her mouth} and I also love her bohemian style....I think shes beautiful. So congrats to this couple!! I was quite excited when I read on UsWeekly this news and when I walked in the office this morning the first thing Candice said was "guess who's engaged?" haha...Im so happy to have a friend that thinks like me. ha!!

So I realize I have not posted since friday!! Did everyone have a wonderful Valentine's day?!!?!
I have not downloaded my pics {imagine that} but I did have a great Valentines WEEKEND!! ha!
Friday Aaron and I joined some of our friends for Mexican and then called it a night. One of my besties that moved about 3 hours away came in town for the weekend so Saturday I got to spend some time with her...gosh I miss my Bex!! Aaron and I both agreed to celebrate Valentines on Sunday but when I walked into the house Saturday I had a beautiful arrangement of gerber daisies {my FAVORITE} sitting on the island. I actually ran by them about 3 times until I realized Aaron was looking at me funny so I stopped and said "whats wrong, why are you looking at me like that?" He said nothing....so I carried on....I then turned to look in the kitchen and there they were!! ha!! So I opened what I thought was a card...{Aaron get me a card ...yeah right!!! Its okay babe...Im only giving you a hard time} I opened a gift card for my spa pedicure {the only thing I told him I wanted!!} YAY!! I also got homemade chocolate strawberries and chocolate truffles. Way to win a girls heart! Anyways, since I received all my gifts Saturday I felt it was only fair that Aaron could open his goodies too so we ended up doing gifts Saturday night. Aaron loved his suprises too!!
My only other request was that Aaron cook for me since he is an amazing cook. Lets see I got a wedge salad with his homemade ranch dressing {its divine} and a cream based Shrimp pasta {this was so heavy but so yummy} oh and some kind of bread with dipping oil. YUM YUM. Aaron out did himself on our Valentines meal but Im not suprised at all!

Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone is doing well!!



Candice said...

hahaha! Great minds think alike! I blogged about this too! I love that we can share this excitement! ha!

Laura Brown said...

It's about time!! They are so stinkin' cute!

Tia said...

So cute!! I'm glad they are finally making the leap ♥

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I also think they make a cute couple!

Elizabeth said...

I celebrated Saturday too! Glad you had a nice weekend! :-)

Annie said...

it is about time!! they are such a cute couple!!
glad you had a good weekend and a great valentine's day! :)