Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If I were........

I was blog hopping earlier and viewing A Blonde Walks into a Blog and loved her post today so Im going to be a copy cat :) and do one too! Yall be sure to hop over to her blog and say hello. Her blog is adorable and fun to read!!

IF I WERE.....
If I were a month, Id be December.
If I were a day of the week, Id be Saturday.
If I were a time of the day, Id be {I honestly have no clue}
If I were a planet, Id be Earth
If I were a sea animal, Id be a dolphin
If I were a direction, Id be South
If I were piece of furniture, Id be a bed
If I were a liquid, Id be SWEET Tea
If I were a tree, Id be a Magnolia tree
If I were a flower, Id be a Gerber Daisy
If I were a kind of weather, Id be sunny, warm, and no humidity
If I were a musical instrument, Id be a piano
If I were a color, Id be Yellow...bright and cheerful
If I were an emotion, Id be LOVE
If I were a fruit, Id be a peach
If I were a sound, Id be laughter
If I were a car, Id be a Range Rover
If I were a place, Id be the beach
If I were a material, Id the "minky dot" baby blankets are made of
If I were a taste, Id be sweet
If I were a scent, Id be CLEAN
If I were a body part, Id be lips
If I were a song, Id be "When you got a good thing" by Lady Antebellum

Im pretty much an opened book...what you see is what you get...Im pretty frank and dont leave much out. My blog posts are very random and I pretty much go day to day! So, if there is anything yall wanna ASK me or KNOW about me-- leave a comment or email. Once I gather some questions...Ill answer them and do a Q & A post! Not that im interesting....but if anyone wants to know me better this is a good way to start!

So bring on the questions!!

Have a GREAT night!!


Brandi said...

I'd be a Range Rover too. That's my dream car...maybe when my kids are older. Every time my son sees one on the road, he says, "Mommy there is your dream car!" HEHE! OH, when kids are older and I win the lottery!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love this!!!! I would so be a Range Rover too!! I love those! Happy Wednesday!

littledaisymay said...

Just found your blog and it's so cute!

I did this a couple of weeks ago and a lot of our answers are the same :) I'd be December, Saturday, South, sweet tea, a piano, yellow, love, and sweet!

Ashleigh said...

I'm with you on the peach and the laughter! Enjoyed reading!