Friday, February 19, 2010


Today is one of those days that I want to shout THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY!!! aaah!! This week has been a long and busy one--im so ready for some relaxation!

Okay for the Bachelor junkies out there....I just saw on UsWeekly that Gia and Alli both want to be the next Bachelorette?!?! I definitely saw this one coming however, I really want Tenley to be the next Bachelorette!!

Aaron said it best this past Monday! He said since the show is so repetitive that he has already figured it out! They will bring Alli back as the Bachelorette but in order to spice/change it up Jake will come back as one of the 25 bachelors. Aaron said he will pick Vienna, find out her true colors and her past...dump her, and then go back on as a bachelor trying to win Alli!! haha! Hey I have to admit Aaron was pretty creative with that one....he said they pretty much have no choice bc the show is turning in to the same story every season. I AGREE...its silly but some reason I get sucked in to watching.

So, do yall have big plans for the weekend? I have several things to do but I plan on resting and relaxing as well!!
Have a super weekend!!


Anonymous said... with ya. Oh wait, since all this snow and missing has been a non stop "weekend" around here. Im wore out! hahahaha


Ashleigh said...

NO! I love Tenly and I really want her to win! Is it true that Vienna really wins? I hope it's just an ugly rumor!
I'm with you, the show is a mess, my husband hates that I watch "that trash" but I can't help it! I swore I'd never watch it again after that season when the bachelor picked no one! And here I am like four seasons later still hooked! It's hopeless!
Have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

Team Tenley for sure :-) I'm pretty positive Jake pics Vienna, who I really do not like. Your bf said it perfectly! That's exactly what's going to happen lol. I hate that I watch this show but it's addicting! Have a great weekend :-)

Elizabeth said...

I AM SO on the TEAM! Team Tenley!!! FOR SURE!! Right there with you!! Enjoy your weekend!! yay, its friday!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I always get sucked in too! I think that scenario sounds perfect, I think he should have let Ali come back!

Laura Brown said...

I so hope that is how the bachelor turns out! It would be amazing!