Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This morning on my way to the office I was listening to KLove.....Lisa and Eric got my mind going in many directions this morning. TOPIC OF DISCUSSION-- what is/was the best thing or advice you have for roadtrips with children? Most of the people that called in mentioned DVD players or Nintendo DS. Dont get me wrong.....these are great and especially since they keep kiddos entertained for several hours. However I started thinking back on what my brother and I did as kids when going on road trips--lets face it we didnt have Tv's in the car or handheld nintendo's. Now let me just say that I do not travel well. As a child I always got carsick so the best thing I could do was take dramamine and go to sleep. BUT when I was awake we would play little games.....like....the alphabet game. We would start with A and find something that starts with A....then we would do B.......we would eventually do the entire alphabet. Or we would play some licsence plate game--we would try to see how many different states we could find. We had tons of random games we would play. I remember the first time we ever did a roadtrip with a Tv in the car {yall ready for this} it was my Tv from my bedroom. hahah! This tv was small and HEAVY but you could plug it into a cigarette lighter. We would plug it up and literally have to bolt it down...we would put our movies and watch for hours. {these were video tapes...not DVD's} Anyways its so fun to think back on how much times have changed and how kids today would think we were crazy for the way we did things growing up!

Remember your first cellphone? I do!! I had a Nokia {im not sure the model} this phone was probably one of the most reliable cell phones I have ever purchased...I do not remember ever having problems with that phone. Remember the Zack Morris phone--my mom had one. haha! {ring ring...PLEASE PICK UP YOUR BRICK} this phone was huge...its bigger than my house phone.

I also remember we had a "car phone" in a suburban we had. Get it "car" phone...not cell phone....this did not leave the car.

Now we have phones that fit right into the palm of our hands and they do as much as our home computers. Crazy?!?! Dont get me wrong....I LOVE my Iphone and would possibly be lost without it {yes Id survive but it does soooo much}

We can go roadtrips now and never even look at a map for directions. Why most people have a little voice in their car that tells them when and where to turn. {I know not everyone but most vehicles these day come with navigation}

I must say this morning's drive had me laughing and smiling inside....I love memories of my childhood. It gets me thinking about how much will change by the time my children are here and taking roadtrips. Fun memories!


littledaisymay said...

My mom had one of those bag phones too!

It's crazy how far cell phones have come since then!

Anonymous said...

love it! I remember my first "penny" nokia phone....ahhh memories. Hope your having a great week girl! xoxo

melissa said...

I love our memories of family road trips. I'm sure it drove my parents crazy, but I remember those trips so fondly. We played the Alphabet game, stopped for fast food which was a rare treat and sang along to the radio. And I used to read countless Baby Sitters Club books. Remember those? Or are you too young? I loved those books.

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Haha this make me laugh Leigh! I was talking to a friend about this the other day. I said our kids will think we grew up in the dark ages or something!

Elizabeth said...

I heart KLOVE!!!