Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Okay ladies....so I blogged about how pretty and perfect our weather has been lately and guess what? I woke up to it pouring rain this morning! bummer! So I thought maybe if I blogged about the rain that I would wake up tomorrow to some SUNSHINE! Honestly it looks as if its suppose to rain here the next few days but Im hoping for some sunshine this weekend. Just when the weather starts turning enjoyable it had to go off and trick me. Oh well...Im so thankful for today--I just want the BEAUTIFUL weather back!!
Okay enough about the weather! haha!!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Leigh, the exact same thing is happening here in Oregon. The weather has been amazing lately, but today is raining and cold! Well, this is Oregon! Have a Blessed Day!

Candice Pair said...

I know...why do we live in Memphis??!!

Jennie said...

I feel ya girl! Its like this in Texas, too. :( I think God is doing this, so we will all appreciate the sunshine a lot more!! Well, its working!

sHp said...

It's coming our way, via your home, tomorrow :( I'm so bummed to even think about it!Hang in there - spring is right around the corner!

Annie said...

we have non-stop rain around MN as well :( it's been raining since sunday and supposed to rain through the rest of the week.
it needs to warm up a tad, it's only 40 degress.
i'll take rain over snow any day though! ;)

hope you are having a great week!!