Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Like the title?!?!? BLAH...that is exactly how I feel. ha! It has been raining here all day & I have been ready to go home since I got to work this morning. ha! Guess what...that time is here...I get to leave in about 20 mins. WooHoo!

I cant wait to get home & change into something comfortable & warm. Then I want to crawl in my cozy bed. Aaahh....that is what makes a rainey day a good day!

When it rains, I want to stay in bed all day and watch movies. Good thing I do not live in a city where all it does is rain...I would be in trouble! Better yet Im sure I would be depressed. Yikes!! Anyways my plan is to crawl in bed...or on the couch {next best} and turn on...............WAIT..........WAIT...........YOU KNOW THIS..........YEP YOU GUESSED RIGHT......

Im so excited! I cry everytime I watch this show but I still love it. Its so hard to have a favorite person on the show when they all deserve the opportunity for individual reasons. With that said, Tracy is on my nerves though. I try each week to allow her back in but the lady just pushes my buttons. Maybe its the laugh where she sounds a bit "evil" {Im not saying she is} or her constant complaining about "her deserving to be there as much as everyone else"---yes, we get it....EVERYONE deserves to be there but each week someone has to go home!!! Im afraid she may be a sore sport when its all said and done but maybe she will prove me wrong. :)

And if I am lucky I will watch the Hills afterwards. {go ahead laugh}. Ill admit this season is silly and its not the same without Lauren but I still cant help but watch it. Now you may be wondering why I said "If Im lucky", its not that I would be "lucky" to watch it but I would be "lucky" enough to stay AWAKE to see it. haha. Sad I know. I guess after laying still for an hour or so I tend to fall asleep. I cant watch movies at night if the room is dark and Im laying down--out I go. Ill fall asleep during the previews. haha! But if you poke me to see if im awake....Ill give you a little white lie...yes! ;)

Happy Tuesday!!


Christa said...

Love your blog just started following! I love the Biggest Loser too! I watching right now!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

umm I totally cry every single dang week and LOVE IT!

rachelC said...

yesterday was just miserable!
BL is my fav too! they def all break my heart!!! I bawled last night!!!
missed the hills though, I do watch it too! :p
hopefully the sun will come and stay awhile after Friday!!! let's hope!