Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

Happy Friday!!!
Okay im going to let you all in on a slight obsession that I have grabbed a hold of! In the past I could not wait for Friday {for several reasons} but one being MAGAZINE DAY!!! HAHAH....Friday is when all the new magazine's hit the stands. I could very easily spend anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 every Friday on magazines---ones that say the same thing over & over! I know right? Okay so....I have since realized that this is absolutely absurd. I am about 6 months clean from "buying magazines in bulk" haha...I will buy one or two here or there but I mainly read them online now! ONLINE reading is GREAT and saves me tons of money. :) So now that I have shared this with yall let me tell you what I am excited to read about this week!!

First off--BREAKING NEWS-- for all my Big Brother fans out there....its OFFICIAL
Jeff & Jordan are a couple! YAY! You have to head over to and read the story. So adorable. Congrats to the cute couple.

I have been waiting PATIENTLY to see Nicole Richie & Joel Madden's new family addition-- guess what?

I think little Harlow is adorable...she is one of my favorite celebrity babies. So, I could not wait to see baby Sparrow & this week he made his debut!! I always wrestled with who I thought Harlow looked like...I now have an answer...Harlow looks like her mommy & Sparrow looks like his daddy!!

This has nothing to do with anything I read this week but since we are talking adorable babies, my other favorite is Halle Berry's little princess. Seriously, this girl will be a model one day....absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

She is so cute!! I just want to stick a huge bow in her hair! haha. Just think a huge bow or flower in her hair would just be so cute. One day if God blesses me with a girl, oh bless her....she will have the biggest bows I can find. haha. One of my best friends Jamie prayed that she would have a boy when she found out she was preggers bc she said that she knew if it was a girl, that I would be buying BOWS BOWS & more BOWS. So now I have a little nephew with no bows. ;)

I hope everyone is having a great day so far! Finally Friday!!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

I'm super excited about Jordan and Jeff... they are so cute together!!

Candice Weeks said...

you know I am lovin this Harlow pic :) Gosh she is a doll!!!

The France Family said...

YAY for Jeff and Jordan!!! I gotta check out the article!

Jacci said...

I couldn't wait for that People either. Harlow is seriously the cutest kid ever. My best friend and I were looking at it yesterday though and totally think she looks like Joel?!

kass09 said...

Hi! I just came across your blog tonight from "The Seattle Smith's" and love it! I just started blogging about my weight loss journey and loosing 151lbs in 10 months about a month ago, and also about being a young girl who loves Christ and just sharing my thoughts :o). I LOVE when I find other blogs like yours with other younger women seeking Christ, SO cool! Love your song on your blog by the way and I am deff. looking forward to reading your blog more!