Sunday, October 4, 2009


Brrr...okay so here I have been talking about how GREAT the weather has been for the last week. Im glad I was able to enjoy it bc it is FREEZING here now. Well okay, so its not freezing but it has rained all day and the temperature has dropped quite a bit. This morning I got up early...7am to be exact {thats early for me} to get ready for church. I had to be there early bc I had the four year olds first service. SO....I usually get warm when Im in the classroom because Im chasing little ones around and playing so of course I wore a sleeveless top and sandles. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I WAS THINKING. I nearly froze. I had no idea it was suppose to bet so cold. I need to start watching the weather. Sandals and wet feet DO NOT make me happy. YUCK! I cant stand when the bottom of my pants are wet either.....agghhh!!

So after church my mom and I headed to the Agricenter which had the annual "Mistletoe Merchants" event going on.......we shopped and shopped and well shopped. Im not sure if it was the cold weather or what but for a few hours we completely forgot about Halloween and Thanksgiving. hahah. We are now ready for CHRISTMAS. We bought a good bit of decorations...we have decided to spice up our decor and get rid of some that we have had for years. We laughed bc we both agreed we were ready to put our Christmas stuff us crazy. We didnt go through with decorating though....Im sure the minute we finish our Thanksgiving meal, we will be decorating like crazy. We did get some CUTE stuff.

After all the walking mama treated us to pedicures. Ahhh perfect relaxation. I have the best mama. Yes, I call her mama....ppl laugh and make fun of me all the time for it but hey thats what I call her. I tell her all the time that my children will probably call her MAMA as well bc I say it a thousand times a day. Ill be mom and she can be mama!

Well Im off to cuddle up and read the rest of my of the 3 I am reading. (gosh im so bad about starting and finishing) Hope everyone stays warm if its cold where you live. Have a happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

It has been raining here all day too!! Sound like except for being cold you had a great day!! I still call my mom "mama" too! = )

Memphis Mama said...

I'm SAD! I love going to Mistletoe:( Sounds like you two had a blast!