Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Thursday

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone's Thursday is swell! Mine is not too bad. The weather here is yucky of course. RAIN RAIN RAIN. But im not complaining.....we are one day closer to this weekend! Im not sure where my brain has been this week but this morning I really worried myself. As I was "attempting" to get ready for work, I was discussing my day with my mom. {NOTE THE WORD "ATTEMPTING", IM NOT A MORNING PERSON} Anyways I was so dead set that I had bible study tonight but it was quickly brought to my attention that today is Thursday.....meaning yesterday was Wednesday! Ooops! I missed bible study & did not even have a good excuse other than "where in the world was I"?!?!? I got off work, took my time driving home, changed clothes, headed to the gym, got a workout in, came home & crawled in bed by 8:30!! What??? Maybe I was tired but one thing that I do know is-- my brain was on vacation. hah!

Oh well so yes, I have it right is Thursday!! Looks like I have a story for NOT ME MONDAY!!
I know I mentioned the other day about my 100th post giveaway! I have not forgotten {suprisingly} I will post it soon!! Im almost finished...yes, I used my crafty/creative side & painted something! It gave me an excuse to pull my paints out.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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Anonymous said...

soooo sounds like something I would do! {hehe} Hope your having a great day and I cant wait to see what you have made! = )