Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Y Hey everyone! I have been MIA for the last few days....I have been a bit under the weather. But Im back and feeling much better. YAY!!

Its cold & rainy so I went to Tarjay on my lunch break and purchased a movie!

You can guess my plans after work. I really need to go hit the gym but hey let's be real....a movie and a blanket sounds so much better. Oh Ill have to be sure pause it for The Biggest Loser...Cant miss that!

Have a GREAT evening!


Candice Pair said...

I cant wait to see that! I have it on my netflix already :)

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to hear what you think of the movie..I have been wanting to see it. So glad your feeling better! = )

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

I havent seen that one yet but I want to!!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful/cute/amazing movie! Hope you had a GREAT evening! :-)