Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. Its been a busy one here but I have had a great one so no complaints! Friday night and half of Saturday, I attended the Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference with my mom and a group of woman from church. WOW...I had an AWESOME time!! I have read books by her but never heard her speak. I Love how she is like any other woman...I felt like she was talking WITH us and not so much TO us {if that makes since} She is so funny on top of that....she had me rolling laughing. I have a question though....she said woman from TENNESSEE have "Big hair" we? I thought Mississippi had bigger hair! haha. I mean don't get me wrong....I LOVE full hair, I don't dry my hair without my root lifter or a round brush...but I mean I wouldn't call my hair big....its just not flat on my head!?!?!?

Okay these are pics of a few of my closest friends.....BIG HAIR? NOPE!!! haha...& I can promise you we are true southern Tennessee gals! I'm not sure who told Beth we had big hair but I didn't see many big haired woman. hah! Ill be sure to share what I learned from the will be a post all in it's self.

Saturday I had a lingerie shower to attend for one of my friends getting married in November...we had fun. After that my mom and I went and had some Mexican food for dinner. YUM YUM...I love Mexican food. Chicken taco and a side of beans........Oh with a cheese dip please! ;)

We planned on going to see Couples Retreat but we both were plain worn out so we called it a night {we had been awake since 5 am} Maybe this afternoon we will make to the movies. I think it will be a good one.

I have the HARDEST time sitting in movie theatres. I find them very uncomfortable....I would much rather have a blanket & pillow curled up on the couch to enjoy movies. So if you have seen this and it was not good........PLEASE let me know. I cant stand paying $8.00 for a bummer of a movie in an uncomfortable theatre. ha!
Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Its cold here. brrr


short southern momma said...

love the pictures! y'all are so pretty! I read on someones elses blog last night that they did not like this movie. I have never seen it, but that has been the only review I have read so far. Hope your having a great day! = )

Jacci said...

I'm the same way about movie theaters. I think I've been maybe 5 times in the past 2 years. But I just can't possibly believe this movie WOULDN'T be funny!? plus I looove Kristin Davis.

Elizabeth said...

Weekends always go by so quickly! Glad you had a nice weekend! :-)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I think the whole "big hair" was back in the old days ... same thing is said about Texas ladies :) but my hair is too dang fine to fall in this category!!

Have you seen Hangover? We watched that at home this weekend and LOVED IT!!!!