Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im sure many of you are familiar with Angie, Audrey's mom. Well if you are not familiar with this wonderful woman head over to her blog Bring the Rain because she has a lot to share with you and the wonderful way Jesus Christ is working in her life. Angie along with other bloggers are in India right this moment with a group called COMPASSION. Now if you follow Angie on a regular basis then you know her posts are the best....she will have you crying with her and laughing with her. Well now she has me ADOPTING with her! :)
For the last few days I have enjoyed reading about her experience in India and all the precious children she has met. Angie is a sponsor to two children through compassion and as I read her story and the experience she is having, I felt like my heart was aching to be able and do the same. So....No im not in India nor am I going anytime soon but....I did adopt a child and I will be his or her sponsor. I cant wait to introduce my child to you. I do not know any details at this moment because I felt led to wait and see who God places in my life. You can choose your child but I checked that I wanted a child that had been waiting the longest for a sponsor.

I will not be bringing this child home where I can love/protect him/her. I will be sponsoring this child though and with this comes love and protection. As a sponsor my child will receive Bible teachings about God's Love, nutritional suppliments, clean water, medical checkups, and I even get the chance to write to my child, send pictures, send encouragement. I truely feel blessed to be able and be apart of this wonderful ministry.

If you are interested you can find more info here or better yet head over to Angie's blog where you can hear and see for yourself the work being done by sponsors like you and I.

Stay updated....I am excited to share my child with you soon!



rCl said...

verry exciting!

Niki said...

That's so awesome Leigh! Can't wait to hear more about your child!