Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crafty craft

I LOVE a good craft every once in a while. Im one of those that will see something I like and I always say "I bet I can make that". haha! So here in the next week or so I have some fun crafts I have been working on to show yall! Between painting furniture, canvases, and "vamping" up some boring lampshades. Yes I sound like I have too much time on my hands, but im really not sure where I find the time.

I want to share with yall my newest painting!! When I was in College, my room was bright pink and green. As for pictures, I had two pretty big Marilyn Monroe pics. Well now my room is more of a chocolate and blue theme with some cremes and greens. Above my Tv is still the same old Marilyn pic from college and needless to say she just doesnt flow with my room decor anymore. So....its time to retire Marilyn. I decided to make my new picture that will go above my tv. I finished it Sunday and I must say I am pleased with my outcome. Now the pics I have so far are from when I was working on it so this is not the final product. I actually put a brown wash over the green background and I purchased a frame half off from Hobby Lobby to put around the canvas. I will try to get a final product picture tomorrow to share. So here is my new artwork!

Please forgive the quality of the pictures. These were taken with my phone!

Hope everyone has a SUPER day!


rCl said...

you are SO talented! love all the stuff you have done in the past too!

I need that talent ;)

Candice Pair said...

I'm ready to see the finished product ma'am!

Keith & Stephanie said...

Have I told you how much I LOVE this picture ;) Just thought I'd ask!!!

You are so talented!!!!!!