Monday, July 27, 2009


I want to start out by saying....some of you may follow MckMama's blog or you have seen me comment about her blog and/or adorable children. Or maybe you have read my "Not me Monday's" (MckMama started the fun Monday topic) well if you have or havent please go visit MckMama's blog.

Stellan, MckMama's youngest miracle was not suppose to survive but he has beat the odds. Well God had different plans for this little boy. Stellan has suffered highs and lows in his lifetime which hasnt been very long. Stellan is needing our prayers more today than yesterday or last week. So if you could take a minute out of your day and get on your knees or even bow your head for atleast one minute and send a prayer out for this little boy. Please pray for Peace and comfort as well...I know Jennifer, his mom is falling apart as she tries to stay strong for her family and baby. I know God is with Stellan and holding his body through every high and low he faces. I truely believe that Mckmama and the Mck family can feel the prayers and the Lord around them. So please just take a minute for this family.

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Lyryn said...

I'll have the family in my prayers! I'm so sorry to hear. :(