Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey Everyone and a Big HEY to the Big Brother fan's.
I must say that I am a bit sad today bc I was unable to watch BB last night due to a storm that came through last night. Actually a bad storm came through.....tornado's and all. Thankfully as of now they do not have any fatalities just a good amount of damage. So because of the storm, our cable was out and therefor I missed BB. They played it at 3 a.m.......and some folks have to work so we were snoozing away.

Thank goodness for Computers and technology. I have been on catching up on what I missed. JEFF and JORDAN kissed!!!! YAAAY! I must say this excites me. Jeff and Jordan are my favorites. Totally cute.

I know Jordan may not be the brightest crayon in the box....but what you see is what you get. Jeff does not seem to have a problem with her silly comments. He's actually protective. I am voting for Jeff and Jordan and hope they make it to the end......Because without them the show will not be the same.

So my question for you......Who are your FAVORITE/S?


Gretchen and Jimmy said...

Me too!!! They are my favs!! I missed the end cause of the storm we were having! Whe did they kiss?!?! Must have been at the end! That show is soo addicting!

Niki said...

I really like them too!!

Anonymous said...

They are both mine and Chad's favorite as well! I love them! Can't wait to see what happens with Ronnie this Thursday! Hopefully he is out the door!