Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Don't you just love when you "think" you are having an okay or bad day but at the end of that day you are proven wrong. Well I had one of those days yesterday. Not that it was a bad day but it seemed to be more of an OKAY day. You know it was Monday (the longest day of the week), I was tired (the weekend never lasts long enough), and I didn't feel well on top of that. As I pulled in my driveway yesterday after work I parked the car and got my mail and to my surprise, I received a letter that turned my entire day around. I have mentioned before that I adopted a young boy from India. His name is Chumandev and he is nine years old. I did this through Compassion International. You see I have received information about Chumandev, his family, and his village but yesterday's letter was more special. Chumandev wrote a personal letter to me!!! This brought a smile to my heart and a tear to my eye. As I was reading he told me his favorite foods were milk and bread and his favorite colors were pink and green. When I read that his favorite food was MILK and BREAD......I just sat in my car thinking of what all I am so blessed to have. If he were to ask me about my favorite food, I would honestly have to say cheese dip, pizza, mac & cheese....but would I really want to be honest? These are foods he may have never tasted. I could however honestly tell him that my favorite colors are pink and green as well.

Reading Chumandev's letter (that was translated for me) really made me think of how blessed I am and the pure innocence of a child. He asked that I pray for his health and family. I'm pretty sure if I asked my nephew what I could pray for he would respond with something more like "pray I win a million bucks" or "pray I don't have to go to school ever again". Now I know that is not really want my nephew would want but I'm not sure he would ask for me to pray for his health and family either.....especially at nine years old.

The best part of my letter I received was the drawing Chumandev sent me. A house and a flower. Now this wasn't just any house or flower but both were VERY colorful. Chumandev lives in a village....the houses are not colorful nor are there flowerbeds with beautiful colorful flowers.

I am so blessed to have my health, family, friends, job, and Chumandev. I am so blessed to be able to adopt him....even though I will never bring him into my home and I may never be able to hold him in my arms, I am fortunate enough to pray for him, love him, and learn from him. He has already opened my eyes to so much in the short time I have known him and I am so excited to watch him grow.

God Bless you and love you,


Niki said...

That is so awesome!! It really does make you realize how blessed you are! Thanks for sharing:)

Megan said...

I always love moments like that. It makes you realize what is really important in life!