Friday, August 7, 2009

Award time

I have been tagged with the Honest Scrap award...thanks to Memphis Mama. So here is how the fun begins......I tell you 10 things about myself (fun facts) and then I pass the award on so the fun facts continue.
Okay 10 things about myself!!
1. I am a HUGE mama's girl! I love my mom...she is my bestest friend!
2. I LOVE sweet tea...what can I say...Im a Southern girl!
3. My doggies are my babies. I have one Yorkie- Lola Belle and a Yorkipoo- Ellie
4. I HATE touching door handles (weird huh?) so Im really good at letting others open doors. I hate germs.
5. I enjoy reality name it...I watch it
6. I thought it was so silly when everyone went on the Twilight craze but...what can I say I had to see what it was all now Im part of the craze. :)
7. I love painting or any crafts for the matter-such a stress relief
8. Im terrified of tornado's and I mean terrified
9. I love drinking out of styrofoam cups...they keep your drinks ice cold.
10. AND last but not least....I am imperfect! And saved by Jesus Christ
So now I tag anyone who reads this.................ya'll have fun!

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